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The main purpose of the paper is to make the philosophical analysis of the ethical issues that are present in the film “Fight Club” produced by David Fincher. The main theme that is discussed within the movie is the specific interpretation of the consumerist society that we currently live in and the main ethical problems of the people that have the material values and in fact, live no real life. Another important ethical problem that is being raised up in the film is the general feminization of the modern society and the outcome produced by the tendency on the masculinity. The main ethical issue is shown as the image of the man that is, in fact, the unhealthy man, although we find it out the only ion the end of the film. During the observation of the movie, it creates the impression of the individual that distanced himself from the ordinary life that he used to live and made the choice towards something that is the opposite of everything that he used to do. But in fact, the society is so destructed nowadays that this character appears to be insane.

The film is in fact extremely controversial and the thoughts and ideas that have been represented through the plot had the revolutionary character of the society when the film has been represented to the public. The main character of the film, Jack, is the typical habitant of the big city. He is the real participant of the urban society and the typical consumer of goods and services that become his real mania. When he reaches the age of 30, Jack gets to the stage when he even doubts the fact that he really exists and the life he lives is, in fact, the reality.  But all his life changed at the moment he meets Tyler Durden, the person that is completely opposite to Jack. Tyler is different to the traditional image of the member of the consumerist society in all aspects of his life. He is free from all the social stereotypes and beliefs, he does not face the influence of the realistic routine of the everyday life and his interests are extremely distanced from the material values and primitive dreams of the society. His life philosophy is different from the Jack’s as he is really concentrated on his masculinity and we can see that the fight Club is the realization of the striving to the masculinity of the modern feminized society.  It is also the way to escape from the routine, to forget about who we are in the modern world of the high technologies where we are so closely connected to each other that it seems impossible to hide from the rest of the people, do something you really want to do.

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As we can see, the final outcome of the movie shows that it is almost impossible to live the whole life in the world of goods and services, with the ordinary thoughts and the dreams that are the same for the thousands of people. The modern life has become a routine that we really forget whether we live it. All days look alike the rest that have passed and that will come in future. And people just get lost in this vicious circle of the unimportant issues that they are dealing with and just lose their personal identity.  And for the individual that regrets these pointless views, we look like insane that are living the life of the other people and think that the life will begin in somewhere in the other place and time, but in fact life is what happens to us daily and it is extremely important to understand it and begin to really live it.