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It is essential to choose the most effective tools of gathering important data for your research, graduate study courses, solving dissertation problems, and posting research questions. The students usually opt for questionnaires and surveys as they are among the most convenient and popular ones.

The students enjoy thinking that they can be the creators of research tools. However, they also acknowledge the fact that this task requires a lot of time, effort, nerves, and knowledge. Although the work is extremely rewarding, the students often give up and decide to request for help instead of taking effort and spending a lot of their time on creating these instruments. They ask, “Could you write my questionnaire?” addressing various writing services as they would like to get rid of the task that causes so many troubles. In an attempt to save time, the students entrust the experts in writing with this interesting but time-consuming assignment. So, what is a questionnaire?

How to Define a Questionnaire

Typically, a questionnaire is defined as an effective instrument for research, which comprises a set of questions to be asked to the respondents in order to collect the required information. It is possible to refer to a questionnaire as to a written interview, carried out by telephone, in person, or by post.

There is a common mistake related to seeing no difference between a survey and a questionnaire. This is an entirely wrong point of view. In the process of questionnaire development, you aim at gathering the data without any other extra methods and tools involved, only with the help of asking a series of questions. On the other hand, a survey is a research instrument that is associated with the use of additional methods needed to collect the data and conduct statistical analysis. Composing a questionnaire, you keep in mind certain people who most probably are the experts in the field you need to get the answers to the questions that are essential to you.

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Questionnaire Questions: Common Types

Writing a questionnaire, you can include different types of questions to keep the respondents engaged and interested and increase the scope of responses needed for the research. What are the most common question types for a questionnaire?

  • Open-Ended Questions: These questions in a questionnaire are aimed at gathering qualitative data. The respondents are not restricted in answers, which can be given in a free form.
  • Multiple-Choice Questions: These questions do not imply having free answers. This is a type of close-ended questions; so, the question respondents choose either one or several answers from the provided list. One option to be selected means that the question is of single-select type, while several options mean that the questions are referred to as multi-select ones. When the students ask, ‘Please, write my questionnaire!’ and an expert chooses multiple-choice questions, he includes an incomplete stem and a set of answers. Only some of these answers are right, while others are false, alternative to right or wrong answers, or distracting answers. Still, a multiple-choice question can include only some of these types of answers.
  • Dichotomous Questions: Typically, these questions imply getting one of the options: “yes” or “no” as the answers. This is a close-ended question which is commonly asked to validate some theory. Questionnaires of this type have a typical natural form.
  • Pictorial Questions: These questions are encouraging and interesting for the respondents. They are easy to answer and if you buy questionnaire samples from expert writers, they will compose the thought-provoking questions to collect information for your research. The effect of such questions is similar to that of multiple-choice questions. The only difference is that the answers are given in the form of images, not words. Respondents answer the questions by choosing one of the options, and they do that very fast as answering does not involve much effort. This is the type of questions that prevents over-thinking.
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What is the Length of a Questionnaire?

Writing a good questionnaire, you would have to know what time you will provide to the respondents to think and complete the form. Thus, there is no universal length for all questionnaires, and you can change it according to your individual needs. From the perspective of time, survey tools can take from approximately a minute to an hour or so. It is important to plan the right amount of time for a questionnaire as it impacts the survey cost, response rate, and quality of the collected data. If you buy survey questionnaire questions from the specialists, you will get the length you need. If a questionnaire is long, the cost of data collection will be higher and the burden on the respondents will be greater; thus, the response rate can be lower and the response quality can be worse. Ask one of the most reputable experts online, ‘Can you write my questionnaire for me?’ and get the most suitable length of your questionnaire.

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