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Dissertation Literature Review

The Literature Review is one of the essential chapters. When doing research for the first time, students can often find it mostly challenging. There are several explanations for this:

  • The assignment topic is a popular one, whereas choosing the most current and relevant details can be challenging;
  • There are uncertainties while looking for proper content to work on;
  • They find it challenging to combine all results from multiple publications into a single precisely written assignment.

There is a great amount of published work on your subject, some going back in years. Then it becomes overwhelming to decide which information is relevant and which is not.

When writing the literature review for the dissertation, the main objective is making it understandable to your reader as well as the ideas and knowledge that were incorporated for topic covering. The literature review should be defined by a leading concept. For example, the research objective, the problem discussed or an argumentative thesis. It does not only consist of summaries set or a list of the material available.

Not only your knowledge on the subject is getting expanded, but writing a literature review helps you learn and implement skills in two areas:

  • Concise appraisal: the knowledge to identify neutral as well as valid studies with the ability to put into practice principals of analysis.
  • Gathering information: utilizing computer methods, as well as manual, in identifying useful publications of all kinds, including the ability to quickly discern what to include.

A literature review must include these key principles:

  1. Combining your findings into a summary of what is known and what is not;
  2. Be thoroughly organized relating directly to the research you are developing;
  3. Create questions that require more in-depth research;
  4. Make clear controversial sections of the literature.

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