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One way to present information to an audience is a thesis proposal, which outlines the basic concept of your work.  Typically, it is presented as a written report, then explained through a seminar, then analyzed and judged by an impartial Postgraduate Committee.

The thesis proposal is designed to portray certain aspects to your audience, such as:

  • The research is of great importance, and so it is needed;
  • It is original, or furthers an existing goal;
  • The thesis shows your knowledge and interest in the subject matter;
  • The proposal can be completed within the specified time requirement.

There are some differences in the proposal writing process, depending on the reason behind the thesis proposal itself. For example, a proposal for a doctorate degree would contain new, unexplored ideas, while for a Master’s degree; it would focus mostly on the research itself.

No matter what format or reasoning one is using for the thesis proposal, there are some ideas that are constant throughout. That is that each and every one should not only explain what the purpose is for the proposal, but also describes what the goals are, how those goals will be met, and how to overcome the potential problems that may exist or arise.

Included in the thesis proposal are several particulars that work together; Topic, Statement, Introduction, Review, Method, and References.

One of the most recommended routes to developing the thesis proposal is to outline a handful of topics, analyze the topics in the very beginning stages. Once you choose a specific topic, you can take the outline that was already completed, and then expand upon it to do your proposal.

A common misconception with the thesis proposal is that it means that it must be finished as the roadmap suggests.  This, however, is simply not the case. There are times where unforeseen variables will arise, causing a change in what was originally planned. This is understood and is not looked critically upon by the committee.  Rather, what they are looking at is how well reasoned the project was, and the methods used to analyze the data and how it corresponds to the written document. Also, they look at how one will defend their work orally.

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To ensure that your thesis proposal is up to par, it should be structured in the following format:

  • Abstract – Multiple paragraphs that present your information in a fashion that highlights the main points;
  • Introduction – Teases the reader, enticing their interest into the subject matter, and outlines where the proposal will lead;
  • Theoretical Issues – The problem that is being considered through the use of the thesis proposal;
  • Key Questions – The “meat” of your thesis proposal, where the answers are not directly obvious and apparent;
  • Methodology – What, when, where, why, and how, in short. This is aimed to answering the Key Questions;
  • Conclusions and Implications of Research – This is where everything starts tying in together, such as what results was expected, what this proposal has to offer to your field, and how the methods you’ve chosen will be the best options to achieve the desired results;
  • Proposal Summary – Specification of the goals;
  • Bibliography – Done in a similar format as to your research.

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