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Dissertation writing is quite challenging as it requires many efforts, much time and knowledge for successful completion. An abstract is usually written to introduce the author’s research question/hypothesis and cover main issues addressed in every chapter of the written work provided.

The focal point of abstract writing is getting readers interested in dissertation object and giving overall picture of the great work done during writing and research process.The better impression an abstract makes, the better overall perception your dissertation will create. That’s why one has to use all of the writing skills, be precise, accurate and attentive for giving a clear picture over his or her writing provided.

Following points must be considered while preparing a dissertation abstract:

Be Specific

A good dissertation abstract must be to the point and specific. It should not be too long for reader not to find it boring. A two or two and a half page long abstract is considered to be good. All in all if there are any limitations, even one-paged abstract would be great. But doing this is a tough job for students as their research can be too complex and summarizing it into one or two pages can become rather hard task.

Include All Chapters

A good abstract must include a small discussion of all the important chapters of dissertation.Apart from that it must be framed correctly in a prescribed manner and should be as much concise as possible. Although it may be difficult due to various complexities in research and findings but it can be shorten by use of clear and precise writing.

Discuss Relevant Points Only

Although it is important to include the most important findings of your research out of every chapter, you have to focus on the most relevant points only. Remember that an extensive abstract will confuse the reader, who might be reluctant to read your dissertation further.

Mention Key Terms

While writing a good dissertation abstract, key terms must be underlined or highlighted and their meaning/references must be explained/ given at the bottom of the page. This helps the reader to understand the abstract more clearly and also gives chance for easy making your work clear.

The main point is that the dissertation abstract is simply a brief summary of the results of the dissertation research and findings. By summarizing the results of the research you allow reader to get an idea of what the achievements were without having to read through the entire dissertation.