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Writing a research proposal is very similar to writing a business proposal. As a university student, one of the tasks that you will have will be to complete a proposal. These types of academic papers need to follow a certain structure and a defined form. This is a guideline that can assist you with writing a research proposal that will fit the predetermined standards.

The first thing that you will have to do is choose a topic for your work. The topic should be chosen carefully and cannot be too narrow or too broad, as it needs to allow you to do further research. The field of study that you are in will determine the format your proposal will follow, though most contain a significant portion of the literature review.

Your dissertation paper does not begin until your research proposal has been accepted by your professors. To do this, you will start off giving a statement of the problem you will be studying and basing your future research on. You will need to support this with a review of the literature dealing with the subject and by detailing the type of methodology you will be using. This can be any number of methods, including case studies, experiments, quantitative studies, and more, and should be done following the requirements of your professional field.

Every student must state the purpose of their research in the research proposal, and this should clearly state the issue that needs to be looked at further. Along with this, the study process has to be explained in detail, as this will be an important part of the study and will prove that the process is suitable to the topic matter. Depending on your level of expertise in the field and course of study, a research proposal can be as short as three pages and as long as forty to be able to cover all the necessary stages and requirements.

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We have a contracted staff of over 150 specialists that are experts in research proposals. Our staff includes magazine and newspaper columnists as well as former college professors. We are writing research proposals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for students of every educational level and in every field of study.

Our writers are all highly-educated specialists that have the research and writing skills needed to be able to prepare a custom research proposal. Besides the experience, we also have a wide selection of research tools and sources that are accurate and up-to-date. Our writers have access to regular libraries of course, as well as our members-only electronic library of books, journals, periodicals, magazines, and other sources of information. This way they are well equipped to write any research proposal on any topic. We guarantee that we can research and write any research proposal for virtually any delivery date that you need.

Plagiarism Policy

Every one of our writers is obligated by their contracts to research and write a proposal that is fully original and high quality and has all sources properly cited. There are no exceptions to this rule ever! We have a zero tolerance policy in effect in regards to plagiarism, and if a writer is caught plagiarizing he or she is immediately terminated and forfeits any accrued salary for that month. We also have a full disclosure policy in effect should a third party seek legal action against a writer. With this policy in place, you know that our writers never plagiarize.

Quality and Honest Service

Unlike other services that are out there, TopDissertations are in it for the repeat business – not to just take your money and run the first time. Because of this, we strive to make your very first experience with us as good as possible, and every paper that you receive will be of the highest quality. No other site can offer the same quality, customer service, expertise and experience, and professionalism when it comes to writing a custom research proposal. While there are many dissertation sites out there, many take advantage of their customers by only hiring unskilled, foreign writers. We have been the #1 source of academic research assistance in the United States for nearly 10 years. We promise you that we offer only honesty and professionalism – no deception, no gimmicks, and no surprises. We have served thousands of customers just like you, and we can offer you a guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your custom dissertation. Our FAQ page offers answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our service if you need more information.

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We have hired only the best and most skilled and experienced writers to do our research proposals. The research proposals will always be flawless and original. Each one of our writers is a professional, and everyone can write and exceptional paper on the topics that are assigned to them. They are well aware of the rules and regulations that are needed to write a professional research proposal. You will not find language or grammar mistakes, and our writers will never plagiarize or otherwise cheat on their work. Everything is written first hand is completely original. All of our writers hold either a PhD or a Masters degree, allowing them to write the proper proposals. We have served customers from around the world, and they know that they can trust us to assist them with their research proposal writing.

We also give all of our customers the ability to access our free research proposal that highlights what is contained in a good research proposal. This allows them to see what a skilfully written research proposal looks like so that they can make top marks from their teachers. If you do not know where, to begin with writing your research proposal or need help finishing up, we can assist you. Our writers have the expertise to write on any research proposal topic and will assist you with creating the paper that will help you earn the grade and gain respect in your field. Trust in us to help you write your custom research proposal.

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