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One of the most crucial parts of any dissertation is a discussion part. Dissertation discussion comes in when one is required to discuss why and how the data was collected and assorted for the thesis project. Here, you have to explain why you have opted for this one method for data collection and not the other. The thesis discussion can be a tedious task, but, one has to undergo it.

The discussion is somewhat intrinsically linked with results section since it is where you explain, analyze the entire dissertation. Now, do not delude yourself that in dissertation discussion you can give your personal point of view. Rather in this part of the dissertation, you are supposed to give a well scrutinized and critical investigation into the research material you used.

Now, it is important for you to understand that you just cannot rely on the basis of favoritism. You must have to give an unbiased judgment of what you have found out and suggested into the entire thesis work. The discussion is the base on which entire conclusion of the dissertation depends. These evaluations and suggestions are supported by the references provided on the Literature Review page and the authentic theoretical base with which you have started your dissertation.

The dissertation discussion part, in fact, serves as the interpretation of the hypothesis of the project undertaken. With the help of this section, it is your duty to make the audience comprehend the real significance of the results. This must be clear to you by now that both the dissertation discussion part and the result are interlinked and placed one after another. This is why the description of these both sections is done in a similar way.

You must be wondering what we have to offer you with this dissertation discussion section. We will be availing you a systematic and organized way of assessing the entire dissertation.

We will work on the following aspects:

  • How and why the data is collected?
  • What should be the apt way of assembling the facts and conclusions?
  • How to link it up with your stand on the theme?

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