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The term misconduct refers to deliberate ill manners that do not conform to the established laws. In this case, professionals behave improperly, engaging in activities that contravene morals and the law. Community corrections professionals are supposed to maintain both ethical and qualified standards that are in the code of ethics of the American Correction Association (Cornelius, 2001).

Under the OSHA rules, any employer has the right to know about the dangers which they may be exposed to at their workplaces. Furthermore, the employees have the freedom to seek safe working environment without any fear of punishment.

This paper presents a discussion and answers to various questions posed regarding certain ethical considerations on workplace health and safety. The subject case entails a workplace environment where some processing and productions leave behind substantial dust particles.

Ethics is defined as the critical assessment of human decisions and actions in order to ascertain whether they are right or wrong with regard to justice and truth (Freestone & McGoldrick 2008).

Democracy is the aspect that allows the majority not only to express but also to implement their choices. It is clearly evident that the majority ought to get a chance to implement their views in person or through their elected or nominated representatives without interference by any person or corporation.

The Digital Revolution has impacted all aspects of contemporary culture and in the graphic design industry, the widespread availability of computer technologies has created a niche for digital arts. For artists seeking employment in the industry it has always been conventional to submit a portfolio consisting of one’s best-printed pieces.