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Dissertation Services

Chances are your dissertation is a good percentage of your final grade.  This means that you need to earn a good grade on it, not only to pass the class, but also to stand out among your peers in a job market that is becoming more and more competitive.


To write a solid dissertation on the PhD level you have to include information that is already known, along with your own analysis and criticism.  The idea is to come up with a new discovery or new insight, and the dissertation is required in order to graduate.  We will provide you with this precise insight after a qualified expert has done all the needed research of applicable subject matter in that field of study.

Any Dissertation Chapter

Whether you need your whole dissertation written or just need help to complete work that you have already started, our writers are here to help you.  We can help you with the abstract, discussion, introduction, literature review, methodology, or the results.

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Part of your Master’s Degree program will involve presenting a thesis.  This thesis needs to take public knowledge and discuss it on such a level that it would be worthy of publication in a journal.  To do this, you will need to analyze numerous sources and present your own professional and academic insights on the subject.

Thesis Proposal

Before you begin your thesis, you will have to come up with a thesis proposal.  This proposal is very important and shows the advisory committee that you are capable of doing a thesis paper in this area of study that will be well-researched and professional.  This means that you will need to know your subject matter well and be able to structure your ideas clearly.

Research Proposal

A good research proposal shows what you are planning on research and how you plan to research that topic.  It also discusses what you think you will find during the research process.  It must be done in a clear and concise matter if you want to gain approval of your paper.


A great paper needs to have good grammar and punctuation, as well as a smooth style and flow that makes it possible to understand it.  Our editors will check all of these areas, as well as the physical format of the paper, to make sure that it meets all applicable guidelines.


There are certain methods of presentation that are better suited for some types of dissertations over others, and our writers have been thoroughly trained in these areas.  We can reformat work that you have already done to make sure it fits into a professionally accepted structure.


If you need a methodology done, we can look at your procedure and create one, or edit and revise the work you have already done. We can also see what instruments are available to you and write your questionnaire.

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Other services

Besides the services listed above we can also:

  • Identify, find, and copy sources
  • Obtain books
  • Create bibliographies
  • Create journal article summaries or abstracts
  • Edit manuscripts
  • Provide other mentoring and coaching services

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