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The history of history books is always that of those in power. The few men and even fewer women who change political boundaries, make breakthroughs in science or introduce new ways of thinking. But the handful of people who make it into the history books pale in comparison to the millions who are affected by the actions of the powerful few.

Unlike revolutionary movements that can bring radical change in relatively short periods of time, reform movements aimed at establishing long-lasting change. A long but steady period of change enables the action to last longer and to have a more lasting effect than revolution.

Among the great military leaders, it is difficult to say which had the greatest impact on modern society because it is difficult to even imagine where one would be without their strategic advances and contributions.

The World War of 1914-18 – The Great War, as contemporaries called it, was the first man-made catastrophe of the 20th century. It was a war without parallel and all previous wars were eclipsed by its scale of destruction.