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Progressive Delivery

The main point of the service is that you will receive your paper in parts before the final deadline. The service is especially convenient to customers who order long papers (of 10+ pages single-spaced or 20+ pages double-spaced) and want to make sure that their paper is properly processed.

Its Main Advantages Are:

  1. Only the best-rated writers are assigned for your paper. After the paper completion, your paper is proofread by the best editors.
  2. You can track the writing process: by receiving each paper section, you see how far the writer has progressed with your order. Besides, you can track whether the paper has a strong focus or whether some adjustments should be made. As a matter of fact, you are welcome to send additional remarks or comments after each paper part is completed.
  3. You get the whole of 30 days for sending revision requests.
  4. You are also assigned a personal manager who helps you deal with numerous issues concerning the paper writing.

Save extra 10% on each and every order by receiving 300 words/page instead of 275 words/page offered by most of the essay writing websites.

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When and How You Will Get Drafts:

  1. If you indicate 4 days or less of the paper urgency, you will receive only one draft. It will contain 25% of the required paper content and will be sent after 50% of the deadline expiry.
  2. If you give from 5 to 11 days of the total deadline, you will receive two drafts. The first one will be received after 25% of the deadline expiry and the second one – after 50% of the deadline expiry. Regarding the paper content, the first draft will comprise 25% of the required volume and the second one – 50%.
  3. In case you have taken care of your paper well in advance and have provided us with 12 days and more, you will get three drafts over the process of paper writing. The first draft (25% of the paper volume) will be sent to you after 25% of the deadline expiry; the second draft (50% of the paper volume) – after 50% of the deadline expiry; the third draft (75% of the paper volume) will be sent after 75% of the deadline expiry.

Progressive delivery of papers – just 15%+ to the total paper price

*If you have any other better options that will be more personally suitable for you, it is possible to voice them to your manager and further discuss all the details of such custom schedule.

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Exclusive Additional Service for Short Papers

When you order papers that are less than 20 double-spaced (or 10 single-spaced) pages long, you also have a list of services that could be ordered additionally:

  1. Summary

You will get your paper summarized in 300 words. Only the main points of discussion will be brought to light, which will make it easy for you to report on the main findings and aspects of your paper.

  1. Draft

If you need to submit drafts to your professor before he/ she sees the final version of the paper, order the draft service. You will get a 300-word draft (if you order a double-spaced paper) or a 600-word draft (if you order a single-spaced paper) after 50% of the deadline is over.

  1. Extended Revision

Enjoy 14 days of free revision option. If 2 days is too little for you to let the writer brush up your paper properly, with such prolonged revision deadline, you will definitely make your paper perfect.