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You can be an expert in geology or may be in psychology. You can spend hours and hours discussing socio-political views and religious doctrines but grammar is not something that can be learned in the wake of discussion. This is one aspect of writing that goes unnoticed by you while writing a dissertation. Do not let your efforts and time that you have spent researching and creating the brilliant dissertation go by just because of some verb mistakes, or wrong sentence formation. You can save your time by availing our proofreading services to make your dissertation free of mistakes.

Your Bright Future Depends On Proofreading a Dissertation

We have standardized proofreading principles on the basis of which we avail thesis and dissertation proofreading services catering assistance in a doctoral thesis, extended master’s papers, correcting syntactical and punctuation errors, check for grammatical mistakes, logic construction, and linking of ideas.

Some of the most common errors are covered under proofreading. If not noticed on time, they may get overlooked and become reasons of negative marks:

  • Spelling: Incorrect spellings may lend an opprobrious appeal to your writing. We carefully scratch off these slight mistakes and correct the misspelled words.
  • Punctuation: Errors like commas, misplaced full stops, inverted commas, semi-colons, and dashes are some of the punctuation errors. We find and fix them so that you may not feel down in front of your supervisor.
  • Typographic Errors: Often during typing, we tend to make typing errors like missing a letter or leaving an extra space which can make a hole in your presentation. We make sure that none of such errors remains in your writing after editing.
  • Basic Grammar: Verb agreement, tense usage, use of articles and prepositions, inappropriate words and subject-verb agreement are some of the basic grammatical errors that our editors keenly look for while editing your dissertation. Proper attention is devoted to voice, narration, and logic.
  • Formatting: Formatting errors are fixed so as to lend clarity to dissertation in a final draft. Errors like margins, spacing, and referencing are some of the essentials our editors look into carefully. Papers are formatted in styles as instructed by your tutor which may include: APA, MLA, Harvard, Oxford, CBE, Chicago, Vancouver, Turabian.
  • Citation Style: Mostly students fail to do proper citations and miss the mark. There we intervene to provide a helping hand. Our expert editors know all kinds of citation style and format your paper as per instructed by your professor. Editors are specially trained in using different style manuals depending upon the student’s requirement.

Often students rely on online word editors which are not too reliable and may leave flaws in your writing. Trust our professional academic proofreaders and editors, who will read each and every line of your dissertation and will extricate all the errors and punctuation mistakes. They will edit and re-edit your document so that efficient clarity is achieved.

We let you have complete hold over the changes done in your document. This means that you can interact with our Support Team on any order-related issues.

Professional writers at our firm are all graduates, postgraduates and have doctoral degrees as well from renowned universities of US, UK, and Canada. They know their job very well and with years of vast experience in the field have geared acumen to deal with a huge task in the easiest manner. Their proofreading and editing are marked with clarity and consistency in the flow of ideas. Our services have been receiving accolades right from its onset and till now. We completely understand that your thesis must be unique and stand apart from the common herd as it is not any other ordinary task but a stepping stone to higher qualification and bright future.

We have accommodated best of the editors and proofreaders in the firm to deliver high profile academic services in the industry. You just cannot take risk with your dissertation work so do not let time go by, check with us and find an expert editor for your dissertation.

Are you done with research and writing? Let experts work on the proofreading job!