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Crafting and writing an excellent dissertation thesis is a complicated and difficult task that many students understandably find they have a lot of trouble with. Your dissertation thesis is absolutely crucial to completing your studies with the degree you want and to achieving your career goals, so you want to make sure you present the very best thesis you are able to present, and the process can be absolutely nerve-wracking. You'll find yourself spending endless late nights at the library, tearing your hair out, and even the smallest mistakes can put your success in jeopardy, especially when you consider how much of your dissertation relies on proper order and construction of the sections and pages.

Whether you are writing a dissertation thesis for your PhD, Master's or Bachelor's, it must follow a strict format. Hopefully, you'll have chosen a topic that really interests you, since this project is going to take up so much of your time!

In general, dissertation follows this format:

  1. In general, dissertations begin with a quote followed by a dedication to your family or other loved ones, like friends or fellow students, that helped you along the way.
  2. After the quote and dedication comes the acknowledgment section. In your acknowledgment section, you must diligently record and chart all of the pages, chapters, figures, footnotes, appendixes, and anything else applicable, like a big table of contents. This allows the reader to easily and quickly navigate their way to specific sections of your dissertation when necessary.
  3. Next, comes the introduction. Just like any other academic paper, a dissertation thesis' introduction introduces the research you have undertaken and explains the subject and point of your paper. This ideally shouldn't be overly long – just long enough to properly explain your intent in clear and concise terms.
  4. After your introduction, you get into the meat of the dissertation. This is where all of your in depth research and writing goes. It will often need to be broken up into several chapters.
  5. At the end of your thesis comes the conclusion. This is where you discuss the final point of your dissertation and its research!

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