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A dissertation thesis is the crowning glory of your academic career. It is a mirror to your intellectual growth, hard work, and determination with which you have written it. This eased down the burden of your pre-dissertation struggle and marks the beginning of your post-doctoral career. This is the reason why dissertation editing becomes the most viable way of presenting your dissertation work in front of advisory bodies and judging committees. Editing renders good flow and readability to your dissertation.

Our dissertation editing guidelines are based on the below enumerated five basic elements which are fundamental to our process of editing:

  • Structural Coherence – linking ideas and their significance is one of the most important facets of any writing representation. Our editors will add appropriate transitions to make reading smooth and coherent.
  • Logic & Grammar – It is essential that your writing is free of grammatical errors as these errors tend to upset the entire meaning of the sentences. The idea itself sounds different from what exactly it intended to convey. Logic is the utmost requirement when presenting any idea. Our professional editors will make your dissertation flawless and correct all types of mistakes: pronouns referents, wrong verb usage, syntactical errors, subject-verb agreement, and other mistakes.
  • Style & Voice – Once structural corrections are made; we direct our attention towards embellishing your thesis with appropriate terms and phrases. This step involves the elimination of useless words, bombastic phrases, and vague ideas thereby lending professional look and appeal to your dissertation.

The deadline given for editing or proofreading of your dissertation or any other assignment is settled individually by each client.

Professional Dissertation Editors

Our writing company is working in the industry for many years, delivering best of the professional proofreading and editing services to the students worldwide. We have worked for umpteen university and college students.

Each and every writer in our firm is highly qualified and professionally trained to create extensive writing and editing academic dissertation research papers. They have absolute understanding of the academic standards marked by universities and colleges for writing and editing thesis.

We know and understand completely how important an undergraduate dissertation is for a student. When one undergoes such an exhaustive study of the subject culminating into a dissertation form, how essential it becomes to present it into a perfect form. Dissertation or thesis writing is probably the greatest feat a student can achieve in his/her educational career. It paves the way for doctoral studies.

Some of the crucial and major services that editing professionals offer you in the style and format areas include:

1. Stylistic feedback & editing:

  • Paragraph Structure-logical transition of ideas and sentences from one paragraph to another;
  • Sentence Structure – subordination and coordination of phrases, idioms, and ideas along with parallels and juxtapositions are drawn;
  • Apt tone and diction should be appropriate.

2. Formatting feedback & correction:

  • Documentation – checking quotes, parenthetical citations, reference citations, footnotes, endnotes, bibliography, glossary of terms, appendix, and in- text citations;
  • Evaluation and analysis of the sources – used for timelines, chronology, and credibility of sources.

Hire our professional dissertation editing services to brighten your future prospects!