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Dissertation Introduction: Essential and Helpful Tips

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The first chapter of each dissertation is supposed to present plenty of significant information concerning your future work. Buy custom dissertations introduction online to impress everyone. The dissertation introduction should be completed with the aim of creating certain interest in your future readers’ minds. On the one hand, it is pretty clear that the dissertation introduction should comprise as many key elements, like the aim, objectives, research questions, and research hypotheses, as possible, but on the other hand, it is very complicated to write a brief introduction chapter. This chapter should be completed in the best and most remarkable way in order to attract readers’ attention to the most important ideas and steps of your dissertation.

As it is apparent from the very name of the first chapter – dissertation introduction – it is the starting and essential element of your dissertation. In this chapter, you should present the chosen topic, clearly define the problem statement, as well as provide an overview of your future dissertation.

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How to Write a Dissertation Introduction: The Most Significant Components

If you do not know how to write a dissertation introduction, read very carefully the information given below. We hope that our precise explanations will assist you in completing a decent dissertation in the future.

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Dissertation Introduction: Its Key Purposes

  • The introduction chapter of dissertation is supposed to introduce the chosen topic, its aim, as well as objectives.
  • It should interest future readers. Try using all up-to-date and relevant pieces of information to focus readers’ attention on your future dissertation.
  • You should make a clear emphasis on your dissertation significance and relevance. Indicate its practical, as well as scientific relevance.

Parts of the Dissertation Introduction:

  1. Motivation, also known as the indication of the dissertation problem.

Want to find out what motive of your dissertation can be? Please take into account that first of all, it should be something that you are interested in and relates to current heatedly discussed problems and issues. When your readers are hooked on your introduction, they will definitely read your dissertation.

  1. The scope of the dissertation

When you have done with the identification of the problem and motivation of your dissertation, you are supposed to present the chosen topic of your work. While choosing a topic, make sure that it is not too broad or too narrow. In case your topic is too broad, try to narrow it down as it is impossible to research all the burning issues in one work only. In case your topic is too narrow, better think of what could be changed to make it a bit more generalized.

  1. Theoretical, as well as practical relevance / value of the dissertation

Providing different points of view, arguments, facts, data, or statistics, you should determine scientific value and relevance of your future dissertation. In the introduction chapter phd thesis or dissertation, you should present up-to-date viewpoints of different scholars and researchers who are considered experts in this field of science. This part presents the theoretical significance and relevance of your dissertation or thesis. Then you should focus on the practical importance of your work. First of all, think very carefully how the findings or results of your dissertation could be applied in practice.

  1. Situation in the scientific world and its relation to the topic of the dissertation

While writing a dissertation introduction, you should focus on the most significant scientific studies and researches conducted within the period of the last five or six years, which have certain relevance to your chosen topic, and explain them in brief. By doing this, you will show how important your chosen topic is and how many points or problems should be researched in the future. Try to avoid choosing those topics that have not been studied before, as it will be very difficult for you to find any relevant sources. Of course, you may choose the very problematic topic, but in this case, it will take you plenty of time, resources and efforts to prove each point highlighted in your dissertation. If you are not afraid of any troubles and problems and are ready to cope with all difficulties, then you will be welcomed in the scientific community.

  1. Aim, objectives, problem statement, as well as research questions

You are expected to clearly state the general aim of your dissertation and key objectives that should be fulfilled in your future work. In this part, you should also formulate the problem statement of your dissertation. Please take into consideration that there is a slight difference between the problem statement and objectives of the work. In order to give an answer to the problem statement, you can utilize research questions, which can also be referred to as sub-questions. If you do not apply research questions, you may indicate your research hypotheses. The conceptual framework is considered as a basis of dissertation hypotheses. In the majority of cases, it is a bit complicated to formulate and present dissertation hypotheses if you have not conducted the review of the relevant or existing literature.

  1. Research design description

In the dissertation introduction, you should provide a brief description of your research design. Later in your dissertation, you will present the design of your research in detail. It is also recommended to present a summary of the research design of your dissertation. Such questions as when, where, with whom and how you are going to conduct your research should clearly be answered.

  1. The outline of the dissertation

You are supposed to describe the structure of your dissertation. You should summarize every chapter in one sentence preferably.

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Dissertation Proposal

Before writing either a thesis or dissertation, you are required to prepare a dissertation/thesis proposal. If you have completed it, then it will be much easier for you to write your dissertation introduction as many components are the same. Keep in mind that the introduction does not imply that everything should be written in it from the very beginning. Whenever there is a need, you can always change or make necessary improvements in your introduction part until you conclude that it is perfect.

Verb Tense Usage

Use the Present tense in the dissertation introduction. While presenting background info, the Present Perfect or Past Simple tenses are preferable.

Dissertation Introduction Length

There are no specific requirements set in reference to the dissertation introduction length. The only requirement is that everything provided in it should be to the point.

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