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Introduction Chapter

An introduction chapter of your dissertation contains a lot of information about your paper. It must be written in the way to create interest in the reader’s mind. However, it may be difficult to write a precise and short introduction chapter. It is the key part that must be framed in the best way to draw reader’s attention to the main idea and writing steps.

Here are some tips (in form of this question) which may equip you to write an introduction chapter of your dissertation in best possible manner.

What is a dissertation introduction chapter and what it should include?

The first chapter of every dissertation starts with the introduction. The introduction chapter gives brief summary of the whole chapter and sets the stage for the pages followed by it. For writing a good dissertation introduction chapter, firstly of all, you should not go into details. It must be to the point, concise and short. The next step is listing your research and findings in chronological order i.e. those research and findings which are done or implemented first must be shown on top of the contents and so on. And the last but not the least, you should give brief explanation of all your research and findings so that it creates interest in the mind of reader’s and sets the order for following pages.

These are some of the useful tips which help you to write a good dissertation introduction chapter.

Content of an introduction chapter in dissertation writing

The introduction chapter of your dissertation must include the following points:

  • Problems of dissertation
  • Study of dissertation
  • Significance of your research and findings
  • Description of all dissertation chapters.

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