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Poetry refers to the knowledge effort in which exceptional passion is set to the look of opinions and thoughts by use of distinguishing rhythm and style. Poetry is a mirror of the society in literature. Poems can sing or recite. People have used poems for many different purposes which include criticizing people’s unbecoming behaviors, demanding their rights, and also for entertainment purposes.

Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain; in 25 October 1881.Picasso was a famous painter, sculptor, ceramist, printmaker, and stage designer. Despite his Spanish origin, most of his life Picasso spent in France. The most significant influence the painter had on well-known Cubist movement, co-invention of collage, and many other styles on which he caused a significant impact.

Cotton Pickers is considered to be the most outstanding painting that describes the post-war period. The painting shows two African-American women picking cotton in the field. The women are silent and there is a sad expression on their faces. The painting also reflects on the disillusioned feeling of despair and inevitability because women had to pick the cotton prior and after the war.

Art can generally be categorized into two types – representational and abstract art. Representational art depicts recognizable or common objects, while the abstract does not depict like recognizable or particular physical objects (Hahn par.5). In some cases, representational artworks appear true to life, in that they are almost like photographs.

Art is a product of a people’s culture. It is also influenced by the time when it is created. Different pieces of art explain about the time when they were created, and the people’s culture. To create their art pieces, artists rely on locally available material, hence one can easily tell a lot about a culture and time from analyzing a piece of art.

Japanese porcelain wares made in the town of Arita were widely exported by Europeans during the 17th century. The center of the Japanese porcelain industry lays in the little town of Arita after the white kaolin clay was discovered in 1616. Arita porcelain rivaled the Chinese wares that then dominated the porcelain export trade in Asia.

Since the invention of the instant camera, photography has become a way for each and every person to record their own history, to have tangible evidence of being in a certain place with the people closest to them. Photos are used to take pictures of their loved ones, special moments in their life and even everyday events that make one’s life unique.

In the past, only the most wealthy and elite of a society could afford to create art. Art was costly to make because it required crucial resources that only advanced civilizations could sacrifice. Instead of hunting for food or gathering fruits, a civilization of agriculture enabled many to finally stay at home, creating art pieces that were functional, but also beautiful, reflecting the needs and stories of that society.