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The main purpose of the paper is to make the philosophical analysis of the ethical issues that are present in the film “Fight Club” produced by David Fincher. The film is in fact extremely controversial and the thoughts and ideas that have been represented through the plot had the revolutionary character of the society when the film has been represented to the public.

Social life excludes the process of isolation. It means that, every moment, individuals interact and influence each other, in a certain way. Obviously, everyone wants to be treated well and fairly. In fact, the process of human cohabitation possesses plenty of nuances and subtleties.

Apology and the Gladiator are two different films, which has a mark in the film industry. The two films have characters that are used to present different themes. These films are based on philosophical facts.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) is the great philosopher of the times. His works are clear understandable for a reader. He writes in very realistic manner. The best way to explain the basic outline of Schopenhauer`s system of philosophy is to investigate the following important essays.

Greek philosophers paid great attention to the elucidation of the content and the process cognition. Greek philosophy saw the purpose and the meaning of human life in the study of nature, as well as human essence.

The classic Greek philosopher, Plato, laid the foundation for the majority of Western philosophy. He was a gifted mathematician, a brilliant writer and the founder of the Academy in Athens which was the first institution of higher learning in the Western world.