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I remember that several years ago some information on multiple intelligences caught my attention. I found the author of the theory of multiple intelligences, Howard Gardner, and read his book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. I was thrilled to learn that modern definition of intelligence goes beyond the standard verbal and logical…

Introduction After people eat, the food goes through their digestive system. The food material that the body does not utilize is egested from the body as feces. A basic process of digestion in humans takes place with the help of microbes. Some microbes in the digestive system and nature produce gas as a waste product….

Abstract This essay is dedicated to the topic of eukaryotic cells – the most structurally advanced of the major cell types. The aim of the essay includes describing the structure and functions of each of the eukaryotic organelles; distinguishing membranous and non-membranous eukaryotic cells; and explaining the importance of membrane structure and function in the…

Introduction The 20th century brought the humanity many innovations that made its lives easier. However, the most influential one was certainly the realization of power of genes and the development of genetic engineering. Yet, the science evidently shows that genetic engineering has many potential benefits and can solve many current problems of the modern world….

Actions and Outcomes Fruit development in tomato is substantially influenced by environmental changes. Since recent times, parthenocarpy has become a highly discusses issue as it provides the possibility to improve fruit productivity and quality. Environmental conditions adverse for germination, fertilization, and pollen production have a negative influence on the quality and production of fruits. Therefore,…

Tactical deception is a technique used on animals used to misinform them in the advantage of the agent or human. The method is used with precise caution, and there are rules that have to be followed (Saint, 2012). There are various ways in which animals achieve tactical deception and camouflage is the most common method.

F1 generation also called the first filial generation is comprised of offspring resulting from a cross of between strains of two different genotypes. It can also be referred as offspring generation resulting from the cross of initial parents. Genetic composition (genotype) of the F1 generation is dependent on the characteristics of parents.

A great variety of animals and plant existing in the world has led scientists to organize them into groups. The classification has been based on similarities and dissimilarities of observable characteristics. Classification enables every organism to be identified and to be studied.

A: Suppose, the purple parent pea carries Pp, the white may be only pp. The cells of the white peas produce only gametes type p and the purple both P and p.

In order to compare nucleotide and DNA sequences of different organisms, a database hosting a number of nucleotide sequences is used, BLAST is one such example. BLAST database is a useful tool in determining nucleotide and protein sequencing. This is because a nucleotide query is fed into the database and various sequences that closely match these results are consequently displayed in a different window.