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The interesting narrations of people who have visited the White Mountain induced me to go to this unique place together with my friends. Although I had planned to visit the region last holiday, I did not make it because I fell ill. After recovering, I started preparing for another day. During the last spring break, I managed to visit the region with two of my friends and my brother. This excerpt will discuss my preparation for the travel, the experiences I had during this journey, and the lessons I learnt.

Preparation for the Travel Experience

I had started preparing for the travel by collecting all the equipment and funds I would require. Along with other equipment that I packed for the trip, I took a heavy jacket and gloves since from the stories of people who had visited the region I knew that areas near the mountain could be extremely cold. I also got prior information about the area from my father who had given me videos they had shot when they visited the region. I also packed my camera and ensured that all the batteries were charged for recording and taking pictures during the visit.

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After collecting all the requirements, I decided to visit the White Mountain’s website to get more information about the region. I found the website very helpful because there was almost all the information that a tourist could require to make his visit comfortable. Besides, the website was easy to navigate, and all the information was accompanied by pictures taken in different regions within the area. The beautiful images on the website made me long for the day I will be in the region. The quality of the information on the website was high, and it was presented in a systematic manner to enable the viewer to get a real experience of touring the region. For instance, after browsing the website, I got acquainted with various things that an individual could do while in the New Hampshire White Mountain. I was also able to learn about different places that I could stay and the type of food I could eat when visiting the region. The website also enabled me to get to know special offers and events available for the visitors as well as different trip ideas that were useful for someone visiting the site for the first time (New Hampshire White Mountains, n.d). The website also provided information about various tools that I could require for the journey. I liked the website since it provided all the information that I required arranged in a systematic manner for easy retrieval and access.

To get even a deeper view of the New Hampshire White Mountain, I interviewed three people who have visited and knew the area well. My father was the first interviewee. He explained which tourist attraction was the best for him and how he enjoyed different things during his visit. The second person whom I interviewed was my college mate. He told me about unforgettable moments of the visit to the region and how he enjoyed the trip. He managed even to provide pictures and videos that were taken in the region which proved again that my friend had enjoyed his visit. The third person interviewed was my cousin who had worked in New Hampshire Mountain as a volunteer. He also gave me a clear picture of what it means to travel to the region.

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The Travel Experience

Judging from the information that I had received from my father, my friend and my cousin, I was sure I would enjoy every bit of my travel to the New Hampshire White Mountain. We were to visit the region on Sunday. When the day for event came, we awoke with my brother at wee hours of dawn to prepare for the big day. By 8:00 am we were ready, and our friends had arrived so we departed. Although the journey was long, we managed to arrive at 10:00 am in the morning. We paid for our tickets at the gate, and we were allowed into the New Hampshire White Mountains.

On entering the White Mountains, the environment changed, and a wet wind blew over my face. The temperature in New Hampshire was only about 38 В°F (Fodor’s Travel, n.d). However, it was green and beautiful everywhere and I enjoyed looking at the beauty of nature. We decided to start by climbing the hills. I was satisfied with the visit since a majority of my expectations was fulfilled. The site had several exciting areas that visitors could visit, and I was sure that a one-day visit was not enough to explore all of them. The experience I had while climbing the White Mountain was enjoyable and unforgettable. We followed a trail that was covered with rocks and tree roots almost everywhere. One of my friends made a slight mistake and fell, but he was not hurt. We had not climbed even a quarter of the mountain when my exhausted friends suggested changing the root and visit another site. Since we were all tired, we agreed in unison.

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I was happy to visit the next region by the Flume Gorge and as for me this was one of the most interesting areas in the New Hampshire Mountain. This unit was about two miles, and we strolled through an outstanding chasm. It was really interesting to walk through this region. As we walked, we came across bridges, a scenic pool, amazing waterfalls, and an incredible mountain view as well as explored some caves along the way. From there, we headed to the Mount Washington Cog Railway, where we were able to ride to the top of the Mount Washington using the World’s first mountain-climbing cog railway constructed in the year of 1869 (Fodor’s Travel, n.d). The locomotives used on this railway are eco-friendly to avoid interfering with nature. The onboard tour was very exciting; the guide told us interesting stories about the region. The adventure around the Mount Washington Cog Railway lasted 3 hours and later we had a one hour summit for activities. It was such a unique experience, and after the whole adventure, we returned to the base.

After having experienced funny moments at the Mount Washing, we also had a nice time at the Polar Caves Park. Here we explored granite caves that were formed by the continental glacier about 50,000 years ago (New Hampshire White Mountains, n.d). Since in the region visitors were supposed to go on a self-guided tour, we were able to move at our pace examining everything in details. We explored the nature trails and fed the animals. We also toured the famous Mount Washington Auto Road which is an American original man-made tourist attraction as we learned from the tour guide. It was interesting to see the dramatic beauty of the Presidential Range from which one could clearly see the highest peak in the Northeast. Additionally, we explored several ecological zones. For instance, from one of the locations, which we were told was 6,288-foot summit, we enjoyed seeing the distant spanning mountains and valleys and took nice pictures of the mountains (New Hampshire White Mountains, n.d). The experience we had in this tourist attraction was interesting and memorable. However, I noted that since this tourist destination is visited by lots of people, there were not enough tourist guides to direct other visitors, so, at times, we were forced to wait for tourist guides to direct us. Therefore, I would suggest the management of this center to add more tourist guides to educate the visitors about the important scenes and their historical backgrounds. In spite of this, I would not hesitate to go back to New Hampshire White Mountain if I had another chance.

If I were the manager of this tourist attraction center, I would take several important measures to make sure the visitors enjoy the place more. For instance, I would recommend buying more vehicles that are specifically designed for tourists, so that people visiting the area will be required to use these vehicles while touring different regions. This is important since it will reduce pollution and ensure ecological balance (Westergren, 2015). Moreover, since the vehicles are meant for tourists, visitors will enjoy different advantages that come with these vehicles, such as the ability to take pictures and videos with ease and enjoy the surrounding weather conditions as they travel.

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Furthermore, from the manager’s perspective, the greatest challenge will be maintaining the ecological balance in the region and avoiding pollution by plastic, cans, and remnants of food. Hence, to ensure that all areas are protected, I will recommend putting different banners that inform the public about the prohibitions imposed on different regions. The best part of owning or being in charge of this tourist attraction is that one will have a chance to protect one of the biggest and most famous tourist attractions in the United States (Westergren, 2015). The worst part about being in charge of this tourist attraction is that the position will come with a lot of responsibilities and commitments. For instance, a manager has to spend most of time ensuring that everything is in place and all the visitors who come to New Hampshire White Mountain get a memorable experience.


To conclude, the visit to the New Hampshire White Mountains was memorable. It gave us a chance to interact with nature in a creative way. For instance, we enjoyed touring the regions of the mountain and learning about different sites and their history. Moreover, there were many things I learnt from this journey. For example, I learnt that the New Hampshire Mountains is one of the most important tourist attraction in the United States. I also realized that to fully explore the region, one will require more than a day to visit a majority of the areas. It was also interesting to learn that most of the regions have a historical background and they were created in the 1800s like the cog railway constructed in 1869. We enjoyed visiting the region, and we decided that we would plan to return for another visit.