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Narrative Essay about Mother

It is one of the chilly mornings in California as the winter has just kicked off. I wake up very dizzy and hear my dad calling my name to get me up and accompany him to the nearby grocery to pick vegetables but, oh, I just cannot open my eyes! Although it is always a battle for me to jump off my bed, today it is even worse, because my body really aches .

My dad never woke one twice; he believed in the will and choice of everyone and always allowed me to do what I thought was right. However, I did not like this, because it was especially unfair to me as a young girl as I was prone to making so many mistakes due to my young age.

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I was woken up by my mom two hours later for breakfast, but the severe joint pain just could not allow me even stand up. Mum heard my groans from dining room and came running into my room. She tried help me up, but I was too weak. Hurriedly, she called my dad in tears but to her shock, he was offline. I could clearly see tears running down her cheeks as she was desperately looking at my wearing body.

John’s ambulance arrived in few minutes, and I was rushed to the nearby health care center. I was diagnosed with severe anemia and fever that came as relief to my already so worried mom who feared that I had pneumonia, which could have been even worse because of that kind of weather. As I looked at her lying on the bed beside mine as she donated some blood for me, I could clearly understand the true meaning of mother’s love. I could clearly see how loving, tender, and caring moms are and how irreplaceable they are in our lives. I always knew that mom loved me, but I never got to understand how much until that painful morning at California Health Care Center. The gesture of my mother of being there by my bedside and donating blood to me was a good sign that my mother has an assuring and unconditional love for me.

My two-day stay at the hospital was a clear definition of who mom was to me. For years, I had been a naughty girl who always thought mom was so harsh, nagging, and perhaps too naive to understand me, but the whole experience just proved me to be really wrong. I realize she was an angel sent to me from heaven to guide and correct me whenever I went astray.

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My dad was a “busy” man; every morning, he just woke up to rush to his job as though my sickness meant nothing to him. Throughout my illness, he only came to my room one day to ask me whether my exam results card had been dropped by the postman and whether my grades where as weak as they had been in the previous semester. Oh, I felt I could just scream “Go out of my room!”, but I remembered how mom had always told me to learn to be calm in all situations. Despite the situations I was going through facing the difficulties with my father, my mother always taught to love him no matter how he had behaved towards me. She almost always tried to defend my father. According to my mother, everybody deserved respect no matter who they are. I guess she is now able to command respect of her own, at least from everyone she is known to. She had warned me that wise people never shout and know how to keep calm and wisely choose their battles.Although I respected my dad, I really hated his attitude towards life, because to him, everything was a race, and he believed you either win or die.

“What do you want my sweet kassy?” I often heards from my mom at that painful moment of undergoing medication. However, my appetite was gone, and all I could afford was to look at her with eyes full of pity and wish I could consume everything she offered me at my bedside as that could make her more than jubilant. Oh, I wish I could, but the grudge made me weaker and weaker every passing day. Once in a while, I could jump out my bed and try to do my assignment with mom’s help. I could even try to utilize that little “strong moment” to write a few pages of my novel and even help my mom with washing dishes, but I could get weak so fast and return to my bed.

I cannot refrain from mentioning that my mother is the most caring mother I could ever have. She took care of me when I was very sick and right now, I would thank my loving mother. She stood by me all through my illness standing by my bed every morning when I woke up. When I could manage to get out of bed, I could try to help my mom. In that way, I tried to help everybody where I could; by this, I was sure to help back when I was bedridden. I spent most of my time thinking about how to deal with sickness and help my mother again. When I was able, I could try and gather everything I needed and put it so that I could not trouble anyone when I needed help. I put lots of snacks in a nearby refrigerator. Nevertheless, my mother was never tired trying to help in any way she could. My mother would serve good food rich in vitamins so that it went well with the medication she was giving. The nursing I got from my mother I can never get anywhere else. If not for my mother, I could not have got well so fast. She is my role model; from her, I learnt the moral lesson to value life and respect everybody, especially the elderly, and to behave well to others.

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I loved apples; even now, I love green apples a lot. Those days, mom bought plenty of them them for me and always lied to me that my boyfriend had said was only going to come over to see me only if I ate three apples every meal for the next two days! From that experience, I learnt that there is nobody in this world that could take the place of a mother. Not even a boyfriend, best friend, sister, brother, or uncle. For that, I am now sure that my daughter also will be in safe hands of a loving mother. I did that not because I was fool enough to belief that Brian could travel all the way from Europe to come and see me just because of fever. It was for another reason  – to RECIPROCATE MY LOVE BACK TO MOM WHOM I HAD REALIZED MY HAPPINESS MEANT EVERYTHING TO HER. What a sweet mom! Long live mom.