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Access of information in this digital age has been made easy with mobile technology. This technology has facilitated the manner in which people transact businesses via the internet. This essay examines the types of mobile technologies used, the challenges involved and how to address these issues in order to adopt better mobile technologies for e-commerce.

Mobile technologies for e-commerce can be categorized into two: the mobile client devices for interactivity, which includes mobile telephones, handheld computers, and laptop computers, and the vehicle-mounted interfaces and the communication infrastructure technology. A number of issues affect the effective working of e-commerce. For instance, when using communication infrastructure technology, there is a challenge on how to create efficient applications that can work properly with the current technology.

Another issue is how to handle limited and width, which plays a core role for user's interactions. Additionally, when using mobile device technology, the best form the devices should take poses a critical challenge to the mobile system developers. For instance, handheld and phone devices have problems of usability due to their small screen sizes, limited memory, and input devices. This implies that they are limited to only a few text lines. Security of mobile technology information is important since the people using this technology will need assurance that their communication and transactions cannot be intercepted.

In order to better adopt mobile technologies, these challenges need to be addressed. Security issues can be handled through enacting security control measures such as comprehensive security policy, legal agreements, security audits, physical access controls and wireless access control. The problem of usability of mobile phones can be improved by the organizations through the use of hybrid devices such as the smartphones that have relatively large screens, and enough input devices for easy using. Finally, efficient mobile applications that are compatible with modern technology should be developed to work properly with the current technology.