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Nursing Career Plan

Looking ahead, I realize that it is time to start thinking about my life goals in general and nursing career in particular. I believe that one should understand where to go and without a personal map it can be too hard to sail through the ocean of life. It seems to be a good reason for me to think about my short-term and long-term goals and fix them in writing.

First of all, I plan on passing my Nclex board exam. It is challenging, though I know that I have chosen this career with my heart and soul. I study with passion, so I hope that the information I learn sinks in well enough for me to become a great professional. Also, to pass this exam successfully, I plan to practice much both in study group and by myself.

The result of this exam is essential for the coming job searching process that is another short-term goal of mine. I decided that I want to care for elder people, and it opens a wide range of possibilities for job searching. I prefer the individualized care that allows to have a deeper connection with the patients and their families. This type of work usually provides a high pay and some other benefits. I don’t plan to relocate in the near future, so the job searching process might be started right away. By the time I pass the exam, I plan to have several job options to choose from. It might be challenging, but during my studies I already started to find my way to get the right job. For that reason, I visited many hospitals, hospices and health care institutions, offering my services. I helped out as a volunteer and part-time assistant, doing some simple things and getting ready for the future demands. After passing the exam, I plan to send my application to the places where I see myself working. I am sure that one of them will work out and I will start my career as an assistant nurse. At this point,  it does not matter where I work, it matters how I work. I plan to do everything that can make me a better nurse and broaden my outlook.

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I like studying, but I feel that lately I had too little time to spend with my family. So right after graduating I want to visit my family. My parents are very proud of me; they support me in my decisions and are always ready to give me some good advice. I believe that this atmosphere is perfect to get ready for a new period of life. I have saved some money, so I can take my parents for a vacation. They work hard so I think that 5 days in an all-inclusive hotel might be just what they need. During my visit home, I hope to meet my friends and find out what they do now. We even might think of some long-term goals together. I’m sure that many friends and schoolmates of mine would be happy to plan something that can be both useful and profitable. This is not a goal but a hint that might be interesting.

So my short-term goals are: to pass Nclex board exam, to visit my parents and to find a job of an assistant nurse to work with older people. I believe that this plan can be implemented soon. I also need some long-term plans in order not to lose control over what will happen in my future.

Of course I plan to continue my studying. I need at least one year of work experience before I come back to school to get a degree in nursing. It will give me a chance to save some money, think over loan possibilities and take a final decision about the school that I want to graduate from. I am particularly interested in getting BSN and MSN. The first choice is the School of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania. They have great options for students that want to pursue a Nurse Practitioner program. There are many additional interesting alternatives that I might want to add to my career plan after all. I hope to get a grant but also consider the student loan. Good references and work experience might be a good base to start with.

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Unless something changes, my preferred area of specialization is acute care or ER. I like being able to handle complex situations that might involve intricate therapies. I really enjoy working under hard conditions and my self-control never lets me down. I want to concentrate on gerontology as I plan to have significant experience with older people by that time. For some reason, I like taking care of older people the most. Being a child, I used to play with my grandparents, pretending I was a nurse who comforted them, helped them to get their medication in time, and listened to their complaints as though I could heal them. During MSN course, I also want to concentrate on nursing and health care administration.

I suppose that getting a degree might take me up to 7 years of studying.  I hope to get MSN online, so it will be possible to work at the same time, filling in my resume both with work experience and new personal challenges. I believe that a person who really wants to study might take all the information even without attending classes. At the same time, for me it is only correct if applied to higher education. For me it is crucial to get my BSN in the classroom, as I believe I should immerse in the academic atmosphere completely. One more important role of classroom education is getting to know more people who will work in the same area. It gives a chance to form not only lifelong friendship based on common interests, but also a large professional network.

When I’m done with the education, I plan to go back to Africa and establish a standard nursing school there. It is a great opportunity both to create employment opportunities and contribute my quotas to the system. I feel lucky to be able to get the kind of education I obtain right now and plan to obtain by that time. In the course of two or three years, the new nursing school will find all the required specialists and with the state help it will be up and moving forward. In Africa, there is a growing number of aging population, which creates the need for exquisite nurses. I believe there should be more opportunities for young people to become good nurses without going anywhere far from home. It is also a profitable business, so I hope that in three years after I begin the project I will have a chance to become financially independent. That would be the perfect time to think about creating a family.

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Actually I don’t plan marriage time for sure, as I believe that part of life should come naturally, as should the children. But it is good to have an idea about this as well. According to my personal plan, I would like to get married around 29-30 years old. It should only happen after I accomplish some career ambitions, because I believe that two start-ups at a time might not prosper well enough. I truly believe that if I have a chance to obtain a good education, I should use it to the fullest. That is why, career takes first place in my life plan.

Anyway, we cannot plan each step of our way whether it is career, private life of personal achievements. But I am sure that we should at least try to make a guideline to prevent unnecessary turns. And I hope that I already have one for myself!