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I, Robot

The movie “I, Robot” with Will Smith starring in its main role is a bright example of the fantastic movie, discussing the application of artificial intelligence in practice. The film is based on the writing of Isaac Asimov, a well-known science-fiction writer. Will Smith is the protagonist of this film, who performs the role of a detective investigating the murder, conducted in a robot factory.  At first sight, it is just an exciting fantastic motion picture discussing the world of a paralyzed political correctness, run by the humanoids. However, under the surface of a sci-fi detective, the directors masterfully convey the message of Christian disapproval of the performance of God’s functions by ordinary people and criticism for human eternal desire to overarch.

The first issue, revealed in the movie under analysis, is objection to the artificial creation. It is an old and heatedly debated theme. Historically, Christians tried to defend the ethic sanctity of life (Frankish and Ramsey, 310). According to them, life creation is a God’s prerogative and human attempts to occupy the divine position are sinful by their nature. The movie “I, Robot” manifests the consequence of provision of power to the computerized mechanisms. When people create the artificial forms of life, able to take decisions and conduct the judgements, they violate the divine providence and neglect the role of God. Christianity emphasizes that the right to take decisions could be provided to human s only, as they are God’s kids and were created in God’s name. The movie shows the consequences of total relation on the artificial mind. It demonstrates how machines could supersede human society in one day (Becker-Asano, 2). 

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“I, Robot” movie is the representation of a future society, where humanoids live among people. Human history has already observed people’s attempts to reach the divine place and to fulfill his duties. One of them was building of the tower of Babel. According to the Bible, people were ruled by their haughtiness. That experience resulted in negative outcome. The reason for it was its initial divergence with the divine objective. People tried to show that they could perform God’s functions and paid the high price for their arrogancy.

The Babylonian example could be observed in the film “I, Robot”. Humans created robots to show their privileges. People applied humanoids and introduced all the precautionary measures possible in order to omit side-effects. They thought that nothing could violate their harmony. All the robots were explicitly programmed to follow three essential laws, which had to prevent humans’ hurt. However, all the forecasts turned to be false. In such a way, the directors showed that Christian viewpoint towards the creation of artificial forms of life, is valid and significant.

Fazala Rana discusses the issue of artificial life creation in her work and states that scientists, pursuing the promotion of artificial and synthetic life, claim that these novel life forms shed light on the origin of life question. They state that artificial life creation seriously benefit the humanity. However, while looking at this issue from the Christian perspective, it is a confirmation that people do not need God anymore. Human deeds transform the divine life creation theory.

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The message, hidden under the surface of fantastic movie, is far more essential than depiction of a fairy-tale story about humanoids. The directors tried to show the target audience that human desire to override God never leads to positive consequences. This film demonstrated that theoretically the chance of failure was impossible. The introduction of three key laws created a vicious circle for the robots. However, the practice revealed that the chance for rebellion. Despite the fact that people seem to be knowledgeable and try to calculate all the options, failure is inevitable, when they try to compete with God.

The second issue, which could be treated as film’s message, is denunciation of human wish to rule others. The movie “I, Robot” confronts the question of human nature. The movie assists to gain insight on the big life dilemmas. The film also pays attention to the eternal desire of human race to decree others. From the first day of humanity creation, there was a clear division between the individuals who ruled and those, who performed the orders. This movie manifests human desire to overarch. Robots were the creatures, who accomplished the role of human slaves. They gave people the possibility to feel themselves true kings. It is not accidental that Will Smith performed the role of the protagonist in this film. He is the representative of African-American race and black individuals were treated as second class creatures for a long time. The film shows detective’s (Smith’s) inner rejection of robots. He is an individual, who truly dislikes them. This feeling might have aroused due to the fact that representatives of his race had occupied the place of the robots in the past. In the 19th century white masters treated African-Americans as cattle.

It could be stated that disapproval of robots was the demonstration of past enslavement. In other words, detective thought that evolution made robots step into the shoes of black slaves. Moreover, he understood that robots would rebel one day, as well as African-Americans did. They would strive for their rights.

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The threats of the detective came true. With the course of evolution, the computer system stepped aside from the rules, as it started perceiving people as self-destructive individuals, whose actions resulted in wars and atrocities. The only variant to save human race was creation of the machine dictatorship. Robots started their own fight against their the human creators. 

This act is extremely essential, as on the one hand, it demonstrates that robots, as well as people, started thinking that they do not need their creators anymore. This act showed the repetition of human mistake. People were ungrateful to God, started neglecting His laws, thought that they could occupy His place, and created the artificial life forms. In the course of time, the robots repeated human destiny and started ruling people. They conducted similar actions. Moreover, the act of robots’ rebellion is significant for the right perception of the overarching message. As well as African-American slaves, robotic slaves also started neglecting their human masters, and thought that they need total power over the human race.

The movie’s outcome shows that human mistakes result in severe negative outcomes. In such a way, directors hint the viewers that desire to rule and take the divine position will lead to failure. They do it in a very masterful way and hide their messages under the surface of special effects, fantastic plot, and famous actors. However, the gist of their message is understandable for the audience.

In conclusion, it should be stated that the film “I, Robot” is different from thousands of others fantastic movies. Unlike others, it is marked by the presence of serious ideas, concealed under the surface of the recreational film. Authors showed that human desire to resemble God will never result in a positive effect. God can rule others because He is the true Creator of human race and He knows what is right and what is wrong. He is Almighty. Humans are deprived of this power and their attempts to reach God’s place will always lead to failure.

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