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Champion Energy Drink

Nader Ayoob and his brother Ramez Ayoob, the owners of Champion Energy Drink brand, are very proud of it. This drink is a new product in the energy drink market. It has several flavors among which consumer can choose. However, this drink contains caffeine. Therefore, it is not recommended for pregnant women, or people under 16 years old.​ The bottle is small and very convenient. The new drink is produced in easy-to-carry 2 fl. oz. (59ml) bottles. Production is FDA regulated, NSF and STR-R certified.

Champion Energy Drink has three different flavors: Tropical Punch, Royal Grape, and Blue Raspberry. This drink contains a unique set of energy-producing components, including B-Vitamins and Amino Acids. The product supports neural processes and improves mental energy and concentration. A great advantage is that the drink is appropriate for vegans and vegetarians because it does not contain dairy products, fat, lactose, gluten  etc.

Champion Energy Drink is a good choice for consumer groups. It can be useful for:

  • Athletes who want to reach better performance
  • People of any profession who want to receive extra energy
  • Employees who want to cope with tight deadlines
  • College students who want to study harder
  • Travelers who suffer from jet lag

Champion Energy Drink has many useful functions. In can increase stamina, improve focus, and improve mental and physical performance. It can help to be more concentrated and work harder. Moreover, this drink can help to lose weight. However, all consumers who drink it should keep in mind that the results may be different for every individual.

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Champion Energy Drink is produced by Kiosk Kings International, LLC. The production is located in Greenway Hayden Loop, Scottsdale, Arizona. The owners of the company, Nader Ayoob and his brother Ramez Ayoob had an idea of producing new energy drink for a long time. They were upset by the fact that most energy drinks in the market are quite harmful and often contain non-healthy components. Therefore, they decided to develop a new energy drink that would be absolutely healthy and appropriate even for athletes and vegans. Therefore, the brothers used their savings and some money received from their relatives to establish a company and start production. They did their best to produce something completely new, and they succeeded. Champion Energy Drink became popular very quickly. The company started about 30 years ago, and now it is able to produce about 25 million bottles every month.

Nader Ayoob and Ramez Ayoob also told many interesting things about the production process in an interview. Champion Energy Drink has a complicated mix of special components that are important for improvement of mental and physical performance. However, they should be combined in specified proportions in order to perform their functions properly. If the components are not combined in the right way, they may not work or even be harmful to one`s health. Therefore, Nader Ayoob and Ramez Ayoob decided to create a good product development team in order to create a real energy drink that improves energetic potential, and is safe for health at the same time, as well as has a convenient format and good taste. Therefore, they found several specialists from their state and from other states, too. They were doctors, former athletes, nutrition specialists, and chemists. The brothers also hired several specialists who participated in the development of other energy drinks of high quality, both in the US and abroad. In the beginning, the drink formula was not aimed at vegans and vegetarians; it contained some components that are not consumed by them. However, as the number of vegans and vegetarians among athletes and other professions is constantly growing, Nader Ayoob and Ramez Ayoob decided to adapt the formula to meet their needs.

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For the production of the new drink, only American equipment was used. The brothers wanted to develop and produce the product that would be proudly American, and they managed to do it. It was quite hard to develop the proper equipment. Therefore, the brothers hired several specialists who had reasonable experience in the energy drinks production. They helped to develop an efficient production line. The line is among the most modern energy drinks producers in the USA. In the beginning, a small amount was produced. However, the drink became very popular quickly. Consumers reported that it really worked, and they received many benefits from it. Therefore, production grew. Currently, Kiosk Kings International, LLC produces about 25 million bottles of Champion Energy Drink every month.

As it was mentioned above, the drink has three flavors: Tropical Punch, Royal Grape, and Blue Raspberry. In the beginning, only Tropical Punch and Blue Raspberry were produced. However, several developers proposed to produce grape flavor because they knew that many people liked it. An experimental small amount was produced, and consumers liked it. Therefore, Nader Ayoob and Ramez Ayoob decided to produce three flavors and won. The brothers also informed that they plan to introduce one or two new flavors in the nearest future. They keep them secret, but they said that they planned to include citrus fruit flavors as well as apple flavor.

Champion Energy Drink has a well-developed formula that is beneficial to one’s physical and mental health. This formula was developed by the best specialists. As it was mentioned above, Nader Ayoob and Ramez Ayoob wanted to develop an energy drink that would have good characteristics and taste, as well as be safe to one`s health. Therefore, they hired specialists to develop such a formula. During the development, the experience of other energy drinks producers was used. However, the specialists used their own ideas and formulas, too. Ayoob brothers also stated that they planned to modify the formula in some way in the nearest future. They want to make the drink even safer and more efficient.

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Nader Ayoob and Ramez Ayoob told much about the distribution and promotion of the drinks. They choose distributors carefully in order to have good and reliable partners. American and foreign distributors are accepted. The company has also authorized distributors in the US. They include supermarkets, convenient stores, hotels, gyms, pharmacies, and even gas stations. The company also offers promotions to their customers. On the website, you can order one pack of twelve bottles and get the second pack free. It was done to stimulate sales and have more customers who are loyal. In addition, Kiosk Kings International, LLC is an organizer of Arnold Sports Festival, a great multi-sport event. Nader Ayoob and Ramez Ayoob decide to do this in order to promote people’s interest in sports and energy drinks that help to achieve better results. More than 18,000 athletes participate in the festival every year. There are 45 sports and events, and 12 of them are Olympic sports. More than 175,000 visitors attend the festival. They can watch different sports events and try Champion Energy Drink in order to realize its benefit and become potentially loyal customers.