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This paper presents a discussion regarding audience commodities. An analysis of the relationship between the media producers, audience measurement companies, and advertisers in regard to the preferred topic would also be covered. Audience commodity is the service given by a certain clientele who have the willingness and ability to purchase some product (Caplin & Schotter, 2008). Producers of some goods or services would be keen to enhance their sales volume. The main reason for production operations is to attain the optimal sales volume. Various marketing strategies are employed to enhance the sales of an organization.

Multiple channels can be employed to market products. One of the notable channels is the use of the broadcast media. Television and radio media offers an appropriate channel to market (Caplin & Schotter, 2008). The main reason for this lies in their larger share of the market base that they control. The discussion in this paper concentrates on the relation among media producers, the audience measurement companies, and the advertisers. The notable media producers, in this case, are those for the radio and television. They engage in the business of offering the services of advertising for a determined fee. Their investment is in infrastructure for offering the services of advertising.

Audience Measurement Companies are research firms that engage in conducting research to determine the popularity of a media channel (Nagalingam, 2010). They also conduct research regarding some advertising technique used by some channel to determine customer satisfaction. The work of these firms is no doubt relevant to many including media companies and the advertisers. Correct information regarding the influence of some media channel would guide the advertisers to make a sound decision before embarking on the choice of the media to be used.

The Audience Measurement Companies also provide important information to the media companies or producers. In case results from the market research regarding the popularity of the media producers show a strong command of the market, the subject company would be informed (Caplin & Schotter, 2008). Such information would guide them as they enter into other marketing deals with other parties. Appropriate and strategic measures can also be put in place to ensure sustenance of the impressive performance.

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Advertisers constitute those companies who are desirous to have their products marketed through certain media channels. The aim is to attain a substantial or optimal market share. This group’s aim is to inform the willing and able clients of the availability of their products in the market. The contents, prices, terms regarding the products are to be presented through advertising. The result is expected yield more sales to the company. Any reasonable and rational advertiser would be interested in a media channel or producer who commands the largest market share (Nagalingam, 2010). By utilizing the services of the market leader in media advertising, the biggest market share would be informed of the availability of the products. Such would augur well for the sales volume of the products.


From the foregoing discussion, there exists a strong relationship amongst the three parties in relation to audience commodity. Media producers offer their services in marketing and advertising. They would strive to perform well for them to attract a large client base. Their clients would be advertisers. These organizations manufacture, process or sell certain products. Their aim is to inform clients of the availability of the products for sale. The ultimate goal is to enhance sales volume. The last party to this business is the Audience Measurement Companies. Their role is equally imperative. They provide crucial information to the other two parties. To the media producers, they are informed on their level of market competitiveness (Nagalingam, 2010). The advertisers are also informed on the performance of the media producers for their evaluation before resorting to some channel for advertising.


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