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Starbucks Case Study

Previously, the brand name that Starbucks created was not the best one. However, nowadays, it is known for being broadly accessible, popular and having the gourmet forte espresso. Clients have additionally indicated that the stores are clean and stated that they are generally fulfilled by the Starbucks products. The following paper discusses the employee relations, human resource, corporate behavior and leadership behavior with regards to the company under consideration.

Employee Relations HR

Starbucks comprehends that their staff is a standout amongst the other most essential sources. One of the company’s main goals expresses its inclination to provide a decent workplace for the employees and act with respect for the self and others. The management understands that the staff plays a vital part in the advancement of the organization. All workers at Starbucks treat each other as friends, notwithstanding what work circumstances they undergo. Additionally, the corporation’s social measures give staff a feeling of being important despite the fact that they simply make the espresso. For example, through the Bean Stock project, employees have been turned into partners and are able to experience its benefits. Moreover, the company understands that people are in the coffee department for their individual development. Consequently, each person who works in Starbucks is required to complete the training which provides information about the product, encourages the commitment while serving the clients and helps to develop social skills.

The statement of purpose of Starbucks is to show it as the leading supplier of the best espresso everywhere throughout the world, whilst the organization is continually developing. The company has identified early on that its customers are the vital part of its accomplishment in the retail sector (Hirsch, 2014). Due to this fact, Starbucks takes time to carefully pick the proper kind of the employees. These people are expected to have great success within the client administration area. The corporation encourages the workers to remember its policy in relation to the customers and other staff members and to generally make the Starbucks experience more unique for its visitors in comparison with its rivals. The company chooses individuals with such capabilities like responsibility, dependability and the ability to work in a group. Most of the time, Starbucks stimulates the employees to use their skills while working and, thus, feel like being in the right place. Choosing the certain kind of individuals, Starbucks has an interest in training them according to their capacities. Employees need to multitask expeditiously on all positions. Interestingly, the corporation is one of a few firms to invest considerably in the staff preparation.

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In the corporation, employee relations are really significant and are a responsibility of the human resource management. In case the staff who meet the expectations of the company are not ready to work according the implemented policies, Starbucks as an organization will have to find an alternative way of accomplishing its aim to be the best in the industry. Additionally, the workers will be required to work even more energetically. Employee relations incorporate the scheme that promotes creativity and development making every individual successful (Hirsch, 2014).

Staff needs inspiration and assurance. Thus, the corporation has implemented several efficient policies. For example, its security projects help to protect the employees’ physical wellbeing and guarantee the feeling of being protected by law. Moreover, such schemes require Starbucks to provide decent and safe workplaces devoid of physical hazards and unusual circumstances. Furthermore, workers are protected from the reduction. Advantageous and safe working place leads to the greater productivity (Hirsch, 2014). To sum up, the staff members are given health and security benefits in Starbucks as an organization. These focus on the wellbeing of the individual both in and out of the workplace.

Corporate Behavior

Starbucks recognizes that running business ethically and striving to make the best decisions are fundamental to the achievements of the company. Business Ethics and Compliance is a program that supports the corporation’s mission and assists in creating the positive image in the society by giving assets that help the workers settle on moral choices at work.

The primary objective of the company is to provide the remarkable experience that will eventually become unique and associated with the brand. Consequently, with a specific end goal to attain, the administration of Starbucks has created and encouraged a hierarchical society that copies the sort of experience that they need their clients to have in their stores. As a result, one of the methods of achieving the aim expressed by the creator of the corporation states that individuals should be treated like family, and they will be unwavering and give them everything. This exact reasoning has been followed inside the company as well. Thus, employees are motivated, buckle down and appreciate working for Starbucks. One also needs to state that the hierarchical structure is created remembering the directing standards.

It is necessary to highlight that employees are encouraged to express their ideas and suppositions and speak more with the administration. Subsequently, the specialists have a high fulfillment rate, and a solid society and security is framed among the workers who have been greatly faithful and pleased to work for this brand. Their pride has originated from being a part of an extremely effective organization that considers all the qualities they impart. The hierarchical structure is clear and is organized in a manner that all spheres of the business operations are regulated. Accordingly, by guaranteeing that the structure and society of the company are coordinated with one another, great commitment and efficiency can be expected from the employees which improves the brand image and productivity of the corporation (Mitchelli, 2013).

Leadership Behavior

Starbucks' administration methodology is comprised of providing a decent product combined with inviting atmosphere for clients and special appeal. The special sort of client relationship management of Starbucks is one of the reasons of such a large number of visitors.

It is also worth mentioning the Howard Schultz's transformational initiative style that is imparted through the wide mixture of schemes and cognizant utilization of images to improve his administration viability. It is done to achieve his objectives while fulfilling his supporters’ requirements. His transformational administration correspondence style meets the motivational needs of every person. Schultz believes that the main advantage that Starbucks has is its workforce. Consequently, he fulfills his workers’ physiological needs by providing for them an unobtrusive paycheck.

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In addition, the corporation offers employees social insurance bundles, investment opportunities, and professional trainings. In general, Howard Schultz's leadership approaches and principles are aimed at providing a safe working place and comfortable environment. It helps to create family relations all through the organization. Schultz has earned his authority by listening and always looking for opinions and input from the staff members. He regularly sends messages and makes customized telephone calls to stores requesting views and criticism of the products, systems and implemented courses of action (Gallaugher & Ransbotham, 2010). When the employees’ internal qualities are perceived and adjusted to Starbucks operations, the goals of the company are successfully attained.

In conclusion, Starbucks possesses almost one-third of America's espresso bars, which is more than its next five greatest competitors combined. With good practices in employment, human resource, corporate governance and leadership, the corporation has gained a lead in its current industry.