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What is a response paper? A response essay is a common task that students complete at the end of a semester to reflect on the education process, knowledge gained, and skills acquired. A response paper assignment may be focused on a film or a book that students have recently watched or read. Writing a response to a movie or a book is not about answering the question of whether you liked it or not. It is a more complicated process that requires a detailed and substantial review and analysis.

When teachers ask students to write a response essay, they usually expect a task that not only summarizes the chosen piece but also refers to knowledge students have acquired during the semester. Your opinion is important, but this should not become the main goal of writing. Such tasks require synthesis and analysis of the information. You need to show your personal interpretation of what you have watched or read. A reference to other sources or citing an opinion of an expert is a good chance to show your critical skills. While referring to outside sources you show that you can connect the obtained information to the events and ideas from the film or the book.
At the same time, the end of a semester is the busiest time when you have to complete many large assignments and tie up loose ends. Writing a response essay may be an interesting task, but it may not fit your overall schedule and add stress to your learning. Still, there is a way out. You may buy response paper services from us and do not bother about the assignment. A quality essay will be delivered to you on time, and you will be able to hand it in without delays.

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Defining a Response Paper and Its Types

Writing a response paper requires a clear understanding of what the task means. A response essay is a reflection on a chosen piece with a detailed assessment of the themes and presentation of a personal opinion regarding it. It is not a summary or an annotation of a book. It is not a book or movie review. Personal opinion combined with a critical assessment of the major themes makes the task different from other academic assignments.

You may claim that the book review also requires the reference to the piece, its critical assessment, and some personal opinion at the end. So, we offer you to check the major differences between these two types of writing. While a book review presupposes the analysis of the plot with the reference to the main idea and the personal assessment at the end, a response essay requires your judgment and opinion regarding the piece in the beginning with further reference to the outside source trying to support your vision and critically reflect the ideas that do not fit your vision.

There are three major types of response essays. This knowledge may help you in your writing process:

  1. A summary response paper. This is the most common assignment students usually receive. Your task is to summarize the chosen piece and respond to it referring to your personal opinion. Overall, these are two major parts you need to complete.
  2. A critical response paper. This is a more detailed analysis that presupposes that you do not only summarize and reflect on the piece but also deliver some critical opinion. In addition to expressing your opinion, you need to critically assess it putting under question each of your statements and perfectly responding to this doubt with arguments and evidence.
  3. A personal response paper. This type of assignment is similar to a critical one. Still, the major difference is that in a critical paper you refer to outside sources and/or opinions of other authorities, while a personal response essay requires your justification from your personal experience.

These three types of response essays have much in common. When you start working on your paper, you have to choose the response task type that fits you most. Next, you still have to check the detailed guidelines on how to write such an essay. A general definition of the order type does not give a detailed explanation of what to write. Now you know the difference between the paper types, but you still need to learn some more information before writing your piece.

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Dos and Don’ts While Writing a Response Paper

An academic response paper like any other assignment you have to complete for your college or university requires you to know some specific rules. Do not ignore these rules if you wish to hand in a perfectly written text. Remember that this is an academic assignment, and even though your personal opinion is required, you cannot write in an informal and casual manner.

All the aspects are important. If you need to complete a response essay on a book, you need to check the author’s life and the period of book creation. You may wish to consider the peculiarities of the culture and political and economic conditions when the piece was written. These are the factors that have affected the author of the book, and you also need to construct your opinion about them as a part of performing this task.

Check a more detailed list of what you should do and what you should not do while completing a response paper assignment:


  • Check instructions attentively. Apart from the general understanding of what a response paper is, you also need to be aware of what particular points the instructor wants to see there. You must meet your professor’s expectations.
  • Explain key terms. While writing your paper, you need to explain some major terms especially if this is not common knowledge. It will help you provide arguments and ensure that the reader can understand your ideas.
  • Clearly state your position. You may discuss many arguments and opposing ideas in your paper, but you have to indicate your position clearly. Ensure that this is your voice but not the opinion of some authority you try to follow.
  • Show emotions. Reaction papers presuppose that you will share your emotions with the readers. Be emotional but do not allow those to overwhelm the whole essay. You should express your mood after reading or watching the piece under consideration.
  • Pay attention to details. You need to refer the readers’ attention to the aspects the larger audience may not notice. Just refer to those ideas and provide your opinion.


  • Don’t postpone writing till the last minute. Writing a paper in rush will not result in substantial ideas and supportive argumentation. You risk failing an assignment.
  • Don’t write a summary; this is not a book or film report. The task presupposes that you will reflect on the piece in focus and deliver your personal opinion supported by authoritative opinion or personal experience.
  • Don’t sound superficial. It is not enough just to say whether you liked the piece or not. You have to be more detailed about your emotions and justify those offering examples and explanations.
  • Don’t repeat ideas. You must have already discussed the selected piece in class or with your classmates. It is a bad idea to repeat the points you considered in groups. Other classmates may also use these ideas, and in this case, your paper will not be unique.
  • Don’t refer to scientific journals. If your essay requires using the sources, these should be some relevant pieces, but not scientific journals for sure. This is not a research paper. Clarify the types of sources to be used with your instructor.
  • Don’t rush to submit the file. You may wish to hand in the essay as soon as you have written it. However, this is not a good idea to hand it in that fast. Edit and proofread your writing before submission.
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There are many reasons why you may need to buy a response essay online. You may be tired, overloaded with other assignments, or simply do not understand how to write a reflection paper that may deserve the highest grade. Each of these reasons may be a cause of delay in writing an essay. As a result, you risk violating the deadline or writing a poor task that will significantly reduce your overall grade. Do not panic. No need to postpone other important assignments or sacrifice the final capstone project as there is a solution.

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