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Many students experience difficulties with creating dissertation presentations. It is absolutely understandable considering the challenging nature of this task. Being unable to turn in a high-quality piece, you may get nervous and anxious. At the same time, you cannot underestimate the significance of this academic project as the dissertation defense is an important milestone in the student`s academic career.

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What Is Dissertation Defense Presentation?

In its essence, a dissertation presentation is a brief overview of a lengthy dissertation project. There are approximately 9-12 dissertation slides in this paper that ought to summarize the main sections of the dissertation.

The main purpose of creating a presentation is to share the results of the study with the target audience and convince the professor that the work is done in an appropriate way. There are two main types of dissertation presentations that professors can assign to their students:

  • Mid-research presentation. You may need to create a presentation at a mid-point of your research. This work is typically presented to a panel that consists of different faculty members from your department. In some cases, presentations may be demonstrated at the postgraduate seminars attended by fellow students. A mid-research presentation will enable the student to demonstrate his or her progress and identify the issues that have to be under investigation;
  • Assessment presentation. Also, you may need to make a dissertation presentation PPT at the end of your overall assessment. In such a paper, you have to present a summary of the research results obtained. This presentation focuses on your oral abilities. Keep in mind that the main goal of this project is to demonstrate the validity of the presented work. Thus, the PhD defense slides have to include the most relevant and accurate information from the dissertation.
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Structure of Dissertation Defense Presentation

Before you start working on your presentation, you have to figure out what information is to appear on PhD slides. The structure of your presentation will roughly follow the table of contents of your dissertation. In fact, a dissertation table of contents will serve as a road map for your presentation. In accordance with the traditional structure, your presentation is to include the following parts:

  1. Title page. This slide is to be the same as the title of your dissertation. It has to include your name, the title of the course, as well as the name of your advisor;
  2. Introduction. This section is to provide the background information about your study. By answering the questions mentioned below, you will be able to engage your reader:
    • What research question are you investigating?
    • Why is your research important?
    • What are the main objectives of your research?
  1. Literature review. In this part, you need to focus on the theories you may apply in the specific area, as well as the results of current research in your field;
  2. Methodology. The methodology part is to provide your target audience with information about the methods used to collect and analyze data;
  3. Results. This section is to provide the audience with an understanding of what you have discovered during your research;
  4. Discussion. After you have provided the results, you need to discuss them emphasizing their significance. In this part, you need to explain what results were more significant than others and why;
  5. Conclusion. At the end of your presentation, you need to summarize the information that appears on the previous slides. Also, it may provide recommendations for further research.

By following the dissertation presentation outline provided above, you will be able to create an engaging piece that will please the most demanding dissertation committee members.

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Dissertation Defense PowerPoint Template

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