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Writing Literature Review

An MA Dissertation, from whatever field of study, would require an extra effort, time, and research on the student’s part. More importantly, the literature review part of any dissertation will take more time and effort to make. The idea that it is an MA dissertation is not the only consideration that makes it more complicated. The literature review is really an important and critical part in a dissertation. Compared to other parts of the report, the literature review does not include any viewpoints or opinions of the student. Moreover, the student should compile the information taken from sources in a highly organized and systematic way.

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In making the literature review of an MA dissertation, one should remember important points in writing it. First, there should be a clear relationship between the resources that are incorporated to the study and the topic of the dissertation. The information that the student places in the literature review of the study should clearly assess and provide basis to the study. There should also be great relevance between the resources and the topic of the study. Second, it is necessary that the information a student gets from the resources will enable him/her to compare and contrast his/her findings to the sources taken. With this, the study should have at least 20 to 100 references to make sure that the most important ideas related to the topic will be discussed.

It is also very important to keep in mind some concerns in writing the MA dissertation literature review. First, the student should focus on the relationship and relevance of the resources to the subject at hand. Second, it is important that the student weigh which information and ideas from the resources will be taken and given emphasis. With these two important considerations, the student should really undergo a thorough and careful research on all possible resources. These ideas suggest that the student should look for as many resources from libraries and internet sources as possible to be able to come up with relevant information for the dissertation. Lastly, the student should be able to write the information taken from sources properly. With this, the student should have a good ability in writing the data taken from the sources. One should be able to translate the information gathered into a written format without any personal opinions and biases. The writer should also give justice to the idea of the author of the resources.

One should bear in mind that the literature review is an important part of an MA dissertation. It comprises 30% to 40% of the grade that the student will have from the dissertation. So it is really necessary that the literature part should be written well just like the other parts of the study. Moreover, it really needs to be written well since it will provide the significance and importance of the study to the present society.

When there are some problems in working out with the MA dissertation literature review, the student should not hesitate to ask for help. There are always some help available only if the person seeks for it.