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a list of topics for dissertations on astronomy

With the rapid development of modern technologies, nowadays science progress is on its top. The amount of various researches that are headed towards the new discoveries is enormous and as on the Earth there is almost nothing left to discover, scientists are now going beyond the limits, beyond the sky – up to the outer space. Despite being a high technology science, astronomy has quite old origins. People have been studying objects in the cosmos for ages and have always been interested in revealing the secrets of the unknown. Regardless of the number of researches already existing within this sphere of science, there are still plenty of things to be found out and written about. Here are some hot possible topics for you to come up with an idea for writing an astronomy dissertation.

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Astronomy Themes to Talk about in Your Paper

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Topics For Discussion

Before beginning your writing, it is essential to get deep into the essence of astronomy and choose what will be the most efficient topic at the moment. Your readers must find the paper up-to-date, relating to recent events and informative, so you should work hard for completing all these tasks together. For your help, here is a short list of possible topics that will allow nobody to stay indifferent.

It will also provide you with the decent source of food for various thoughts:

  1. Universe’s origin. The theory of the Big Bang.
  2. What is Black Hole? Creation possibilities.
  3. Does NASA have future? Probable plans for extraterrestrial exploration.
  4. Astronomy origins. What was at the beginning?
  5. The ET Eye. What we know about the Hubble Telescope.
  6. The Moon and Earth – a sweet couple or everlasting enemies.
  7. The one that always gets back – Haley’s Comet.
  8. What is the Big Crunch?
  9. Fathers of astronomy: Galileo, Aristotle, Copernicus and Ptolemy.
  10. The USA and the USSR in the period of Cold War. First to the Moon.
  11. Going outside the Milky Way.
  12. The most beautiful space creation – Saturn’s Rings.
  13. The truth about Apollo missions.
  14. When will people colonize Mars?
  15. Time in space: how is it different from the time on Earth?