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A university degree student needs to know how to deal with a dissertation. It is a high-level comprehensive paper, which is a great challenge for everybody, especially when it is related to studying the subject of political science. No doubt, it is complex and extensive, and the students are to cover various political science dissertation topics to analyze various issues both at the international and national levels. The focus of such studies is mostly on the strategies, activities, political issues, behavior, processes, constitution, laws, and other issues related to power and politics.

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For sure, writing a dissertation starts with choosing a good topic. It may depend on your personal interests, for instance, national politics or local strategies of development. Among a great diversity of dissertation topics for political science, you have to choose the one that appeals to you and has a significant importance in this area of studies. So, the question is how you can decide on the topic which is the one you need? It is a great challenge to find the topic that will be most appropriate for your course and highly valued by the professor. We have prepared a list of the most essential topics that you can use, while choosing your own. We also hope that you will make proper use of the list of do’s and don’ts for working on the hot political topics.

Strategy of Choosing the Best Topics for Dissertations on Politics

You have to keep in mind all the focus aspects to be followed while deciding on the most appropriate areas to study. Going through a list we have prepared, you have to choose the topics that resonate with your knowledge, passions, and aspirations for the future.

  • Select the political science dissertation topics you are familiar with

The deadline is one of the factors which make students embarrassed and even scared. Every academic task has to be completed on time. It is complicated to find a proper balance between career and academic tasks with their strict schedule. For sure, if the research task is completed after the deadline expires, the student loses points even if the level of knowledge and scope of mastering the topic is excellent.

  • Consider the preferences of your professors

If the key theme you have chosen is irrelevant for your audience, there will be no point in any further analysis or investigation. You can present the literature only to the audience composed of juniors and scholars from the academic discipline you are studying. Keep in mind that expectations of the academic audience are always high and the author needs to demonstrate proper attitude, high-quality writing, and content given from a new perspective. Thus, the selection of topics is to be done, taking into consideration whether a certain topic has a potential of exciting interest of the university community.

  • Make sure that the topic is debatable

Your dissertation is to make a valuable contribution to the discipline you are studying. So, the political dissertation topics ought not only to lead to further debates but also to present new aspects which the audience has not been acquainted with. If there are debatable issues included in the paper, the readers will feel engaged and that will encourage them to go through the entire dissertation.

Top 30 Dissertation Topics in Political Science

  • Key factors in the foreign policy of the US as compared to those in other developed countries.
  • Shift in the approach of United States in terms of its foreign policy after the Middle East obtains nuclear powers.
  • Will the global economy experience any negative consequences because of the wall constructed on the border between Mexico and the US?
  • Is poor strategic focus peculiar to the foreign policy of the United States with the competing priorities in the Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, and the Indo-Pacific? Give details.
  • Should drone strikes be regulated under the international law?
  • What are the potential directions of development for the enforcement of the international law against the Great Powers?
  • What are the signs of negative features in the foreign policy of the US in the field of nuclear power development in Asian countries, in particular China?
  • Can you prove that the foreign policies of the United States imply bullying towards the countries of the third world?
  • The consequences of aggressive policies America is pursuing towards the countries of the third world.
  • What is the different between the law breaches caused by Afghanistan or Iraq and Russia or Chine? Why do the former get punished, while the latter get away with them?

There are a lot of political science topics which may be winning ones if you exert enough effort to cover them in a proper way. Just choose the one you like.

  • The US foreign policies: impact on the countries of East Asia.
  • Can the Syrian conflict be resolved? Why is the international law ineffective in that?
  • Does international law justify the use of force?
  • Can you prove that the idea of universal application of the international law is appropriate under the circumstances of the present-day politics?
  • Analyze the most serious external threat to the US? Can it impact the further development of the foreign policy?
  • Can the actions taken by the United States with the aim to protect national interest be evaluated as legitimate under the provisions of the international law?
  • Is the law of the EU always applied properly? Has it impacted relations between the states in any manner?
  • Will the development of foreign policy of the US change under the impact of the growing geopolitical power?
  • Is there any threat to the United States caused by the increasing military and economic power of China?
  • Can you characterize the activity of the United Nations as the measures taken to enforce law?

Some topics in political science can be so much involving that your passion in studying them will be contagious for your audience.

  • In which cases the US has intervened in the internal affairs of other countries?
  • The foreign policies of the United States and the United Kingdom seem to be alike. Give a detailed critical discussion on this statement.
  • Which transformations in the field of the international law are required for the improvement of international relations? Are they likely to take place?
  • In which cases the actions taken by the United States undermine the role of the UN?
  • Does the policy of the US resemble bullying or the actions of a global policeman?
  • Is it possible to claim that the countries are equal in the eyes of the law around the globe?
  • What is the potential attitude of the US towards Brexit?
  • International law in the times of digital innovations.
  • In recent decades, the pace of the Chinese economic development has been impressive. Is it a potential threat to the supremacy of the US?
  • Liberal internationalism of the US foreign policy. Is it going to remain the same with the realities of present-day politics?

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