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Marketing dissertation topics

Marketing is one of the most dynamic and innovative industries that attracts more and more people nowadays. No wonder, pursuing a degree in this field, you will get numerous amazing opportunities. However, before you start building a career in this field, you will need to write a dissertation that will help you showcase all your skills and knowledge received in the process of your study. Writing a good dissertation is impossible without having a good topic. This topic should perfectly fit the subject and your personal research interests. Besides, this topic should be accurate and relevant allowing you to explore a particular marketing issue from different perspectives. Finally, the best dissertation topics on marketing are always fresh and innovative. Choosing the topic that was discussed previously many times, the chances are high that you won`t be able to suggest a brand new approach. In other words, the choice of the topic is, perhaps, one of the most important stages of the dissertation writing process. Thus, if you want to turn the writing process into a very pleasant experience, you need to spend enough time to pick up a great topic.

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So, how to choose the best topics about marketing? The process of choosing a topic for a marketing dissertation is pretty time and effort-consuming. If you want to succeed with this task, you need to brainstorm your ideas thoroughly. Indeed, brainstorming is a very important part of the writing process that should not be underestimated because it allows the writer to find out a great idea for a dissertation, as well as the ways of its implementation.

So, where to find marketing dissertation ideas? There are many ways to get interesting marketing ideas. First, you may closely interact with your dissertation supervisor and ask them to guide you on what marketing dissertation topics are relevant in the marketing field. Your professor will gladly help you find out the direction in which to move. Second, you may look for the marketing dissertation samples available on the web. Looking through these samples, you will familiarize yourself with how to choose the topic that would be neither too broad nor too narrow. Picking up the topic that is too broad, you won`t be able to investigate it in detail. On the contrary, a too narrow topic won`t provide you with room for analysis, which is particularly important when it comes to writing a dissertation. Finally, if you are looking for great dissertation topics on marketing, you may look through the lists of marketing dissertation ideas available on the web. These lists will help you understand what ideas are interesting for the audience and can help you enjoy the writing process. Below, you will find a list of marketing topics for research gathered and categorized by our skilled writers. Using some of these ideas for boosting your writing inspiration, you will succeed with writing your dissertation:

Common Marketing Dissertation Ideas

  • In what way does the message length impact the success of direct marketing messages?
  • The use of social media platforms for reducing the cost of direct marketing: How the small US companies use this strategy?
  • Online marketing as an efficient group-orientated tool;
  • In what way does the nationality of TV marketers influence customer response in a diverse international selling environment?
  • What loyalty schemes allow Tesco to popularize its brand?
  • What makes prospecting methods different in an online and offline environment? A literature review of the US aviation industry;
  • Social media marketing as an effective tool to target luxury customers. Main advantages and disadvantages for small companies.
  • Customers should know how to protect themselves from marketing tactics used by social media marketing companies. A literature review.
  • Do consumers react differently to short and long-term offers in an environment? The case of online cleaning services sales;
  • The use of email and SMS to connect with customers. Main advantages and disadvantages of direct marketing.


Dissertation Topics on Marketing Theories

  • Is there a marketing decision model, which is more effective than others, or should models be selected based on a contingency?
  • Which approach to market segmentation can offer the most correct characterization of the market of the 2000s? A literature review;
  • Is the PEST analysis efficient for interrogating environmental factors pertinent to marketing or subsequent developments are also important? A literature review.
  • Can Borden’s “Marketing Mix’” be considered as an adequate tool for marketing in the 21st century?
  • The management of marketing. Is empowerment an efficient instrument for informing the contemporary marketing department? A case study in a US retailing agency.
  • Can marketing principles, developed for commercial interests, be used for promoting ethical issues? 
  • Do the most successful marketers have an in-depth theoretical knowledge of their field? What is the relation between theory and practice in marketing?
  • In what way the Jetstar marketing science model, developed to increase profitability in the low-cost airline market, can be used successfully for other budget markets?
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Global Marketing Topics for Research

  • The speed of globalization and convergence. To what extent are consumer behaviors becoming similar around the world? A literature review;
  • How do customer expectations of continuity in the relationship with a brand differ from one country to another? Prepare a qualitative study based on models of cultural differences.
  • Can a managerial cognition perspective suggest the right approach to global marketing? A literature review;
  • In what way can global marketing campaigns address ethical differences between different nations?  A qualitative study of alcohol and cigarette products promotion;
  • The concept of aspirational purchase. How do consumers in developing countries view traditional US brands? 

Digital Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • Discuss the optimal ratio of sales maximization. Discuss the role of customer interaction between the employees and machines;
  • Landing pages and the mechanisms of their work;
  • Pop-up advertisements and their functions. A literature review;
  • In what way does the Internet change human behavior?
  • The rise of new technology and its impact on marketing;
  • In what way did the celebrities change the world of online marketing?
  • Key advantages and disadvantages of e-mail marketing.
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Branding Marketing Topics for Dissertations

  • Do consumers understand a company’s brand values? The case of Adidas company;
  • In what way do companies use social responsibility to build brand equity?
  • Using social media platforms to get the attention of potential customers to brands of small companies.
  • In what way can companies use smartphone applications for enhancing brand equity?
  • How can unethical behavior affect the brand image? The case of H&M.

We do hope that picking some of the marketing dissertation topics mentioned above and developing them into a great dissertation, you will be able to impress both your supervisor and dissertation board with a creative and innovative approach. However, keep in mind that when it comes to marketing dissertation writing, a good topic is not enough to get a good grade. Picking up a good topic is just the first step of the long journey that will take you closer to your successful future. As such, you need to take care of every single stage of writing a dissertation. If you feel that marketing dissertation writing is not one of your strengths, you can always address our professional writing service and we will provide you with an exceptional result. Our writers have enough skills and experience to work with the most sophisticated marketing dissertation topics. Buying your paper here, you can be sure that it will fully address your dissertation prompt and will meet the highest academic standards.

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