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Literature Dissertation Topics

Producing a dissertation in Literature may seem an engaging activity. You may choose the literary work you are interested in and share your opinion and feelings about it with readers. Nevertheless, a dissertation written in Literature requires thorough research as well as the one created in any other academic discipline. Let us find out how everything works.

The first step to writing such a paper is picking a subject among a large number of literature dissertation topics. Note that there are many issues that have not been explored yet by anyone. Therefore, you may select one of such uninvestigated literature topics and start working on it. What can you examine? You may investigate the personalities of the characters discussed in a specific literary work, the peculiarities of any literary genre, or the biography of a well-known poet or writer. When creating a paper on any topic in literature, you should present general data first and then the specific one. For instance, when examining the life of a famous writer, you should perform the analysis of his/her life first and then discuss one of their literary works. State the reasons for writing the literary piece, describe the conditions under which it was created, etc. Such an approach should be taken to preparing papers on any dissertation topics in literature.

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In order to help you pick an awesome topic in literature, we have compiled several lists of literature paper topics embracing children’s literature and that ranging from 17th to 20th centuries. In addition, you will come across interesting literature topics relating to different social aspects. Let us take a look at the suggested subjects!

Literature Dissertation Topics Relating to 17th and 18th Centuries

  • The Creation Myth and popular literary works of the 17th
  • The Bible and Its Opponents.
  • The peculiarities of the redemption poetry of the 17th
  • The impact of discoveries on the literary trends of the 17th
  • Betrayal, love, passion – the most important subjects highlighted in the literary works of the 17th-18th
  • Form a girl to a woman: the depiction of females in the literary works of the 17th
  • Consumerism: the Beginning.
  • The roots of such a literary work as a novel.
  • The esthetic in the literary works of Coleridge.
  • The issue of Nature in the literary works of the 18th
  • The tricks of fiction used in the works of Sterne.
  • The role of the Paradise Lost in the development of such a literary genre as a novel.
  • The place of interiors in the pieces of literature of the 18th

Literature Paper Topics of the 19th Century

  • Exploring the connection between love and communication in Browning’s poems.
  • Metaphysics in the literary works performed in the 19th century.
  • Religion: views and doubts in the literature pieces created by G. Eliot.
  • The notion of love and loss in Hardy’s poems 1912-13.
  • The connection between naturalism and mysticism. Examining the source of inspiration of R. Jeffery.
  • Visionary aspirations in M. Arnold’s poems.
  • Examining the life in province.
  • In search of a simple life: literary patterns highlighting rustic life of the 19th
  • The most popular pieces of literature of the 19th century illustrating the significance of relations.
  • Literature works discussing violence and sex.
  • Science fiction and Frankenstein.
  • The notion of “costume” in the works of Dickens.
  • Gothic novels: discussing genders.
  • Peculiar features of romance. Examining the novels of the Bronte sisters.
  • Depicting the Victorian family in the masterpieces of Gaskell.
  • Religious transformations of the 19th
  • The place of Realism in the literary works of the 19th
  • The influence of political issues on the development of literature of the 19th
  • Heritage in the literature pieces of J. Ruskin.


Literature Themes Relating to the 20th Century

  • Understanding the War: its depiction in the poetry of the 20th
  • Poetic syntax in the works of W. H. Auden.
  • Examining literary works of D. H. Lawrence.
  • What is so special about the literary works created by T. S. Eliot.
  • The place of the notion “visionary closure” in the novels of 20th
  • Similarity versus contrast: studying the issues.
  • Exploring the poems of Sylvia Plath with the purpose of identifying her personal tragedy.
  • The concept of being in the literature pieces of M. Kundara.
  • What literary works deserve particular attention?
  • What is water imagery? Analyzing the literature pieces created by V. Woolf.
  • Discovering the concepts of space and time in popular literary works of the 20th
  • The role of Freud in early modernism.
  • Joyce: experimenting with the form.
  • The picture of India in the literature pieces written by Kipling.
  • Studying the works of May Sinclair to examine a circular narrative structure.
  • Literature of the 20th century focused on travelling.
  • The works of Ian McEwan as a means of analyzing the notion of identity and character.
  • The works of R. L. Stevenson: examining the role of magic in literature.
  • Bath: discovering the specifics of fiction stories.
  • Specifics of Jewish writing of the 20th
  • Investigating similar and distinctive features between modernism and postmodernism.
  • Negative impact of postmodernism on such a kind of literary works as a novel.
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Subjects for Dissertations Concentrated on Interpreting Texts of Different Nature

  • The content and context of literature. How has the former changed with time and the latter remained the same?
  • Why cannot the term “history” be considered interchangeable with “literature”?
  • “People’s emotions keep changing over the centuries.” Is this statement true?
  • Compare ancient and modern texts illustrating literature as a universal notion for different eras.
  • Is the concept “the stream of consciousness” true?
  • Analyze the text by using the Plato’s concept of republican in comparison with the modern world.
  • Highlighting the notion of universal and contemporary literature in diverse literary works.
  • What is the most effective means of reviewing a book?
  • In order to comprehend the text fully, one should not relate it to the author’s background.

Topics Relating to Social Issues

  • Why should one be aware of basic terms in literature?
  • Thorough analysis of social issues and their representation in movies.
  • What kind of a literature form is considered the best if to talk about verse and prose? Why? Provide examples from some texts.
  • How is modern society highlighted in modern movies?
  • The main task of authors is to show how people’s bad habits and actions lead to the destruction of society.
  • Illustration of the issues that hold a dominant place in the society in well-known literary works.
  • What steps should be taken to depict society and different social issues in literature?
  • The role of critical concepts in the development of both literature and society.
  • The chief role of literature is to help people grow mentally and spiritually and, as a result, become better members of the society they are living in.
  • Highlighting the phenomenon of LGBT in literature.


Topics for Students Majoring in Literature from Previously Created Literary Works

  • The most effective techniques for interpreting literature pieces created in ancient times.
  • The depiction of “Woman” in ancient literary works and its echo in modern literature.
  • How to make a thorough analysis of the text by following the concept of “stream of consciousness.”
  • What theories of critical analysis can be applied to evaluating the text?
  • What does Oedipus complex mean? Highlight the issue within a specific text.
  • What kind of literary works are viewed as universal and who produces them?
  • What techniques can be used to comprehend the text? Uphold your response with examples taken from texts.
  • The representation of the Gothic in European literary works.
  • Explain why literary works are considered immortal.
  • Difficulties arising from reading texts from the feminist perspective.

Themes Pertaining to Children’s Literature

  • What is an Epic? Discussing well-known children’s novels starting from 1900.
  • The depictions of monsters in fairy tales.
  • Scrutinizing Wonderland: narrative methods used by R. L. Stevenson.
  • Island stories: seeking utopian environment.
  • Importance of illustrations in literature pieces for children
  • The purpose of presenting animals in children’s stories written starting from 1900.
  • Stories produced by H. C. Anderson and their value.
  • Why should the literary works for children contain humorous elements?
  • Young artists: stages of development.
  • Dahl: examining the issue of ridiculous.
  • Exploring the concept of adventure stories.
  • The roots of literature for children. Analyzing the issues from the historical viewpoint.
  • Using names in children’s literary works. Why does it matter?
  • Children’s literature as a means of developing imagination and building healthy relationship.
  • Children’s stories as an effective educational tool.
  • The most popular stories read for children by the Victorians.
  • What books can help parents explain their children that reading is essential for their development.
  • Highlighting the issue of “disability” in the literature for young adults.
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Topics Focused on Sceneries and Identity in Literature

  • The role of places in romantic poems.
  • Depicting life in cities since 1900.
  • The representation of both urban and rural landscapes in literature starting from 1900.
  • Verse, narration and nature in the literary works written since 1940.
  • 20th century and travel writing.
  • Wiltshire and R. Jeffery
  • Disclosing the concept of personality and landscape in literature.
  • Wessex and T. Hardy.
  • African narrations.
  • Globalization and the change of locations in the post 9/11 literature.
  • The Mountain – the most frequently used symbol in literary works of the 19th
  • Depicting sea in the stories focused on colonial explorations.
  • Places for settlers in North American literature.
  • Hardy’s literary works illustrating Cornish sceneries.
  • Representing the sceneries of Sussex in literature.
  • Poetry highlighting The Troubles.
  • The place of identity, narration, and location in postcolonial literature.
  • Beach as a place of transformations depicted in literature starting from 1900.
  • The Lake District as one of the most popular locations depicted in poems of 19th

Interdisciplinary Subjects

  • Science in the literary works of the 19th
  • Depicting political issues in the literary works since 1900.
  • Poetry and Astronomy: examining the literature of the 19th
  • Presenting architectural designs in the works of T. Hardy.
  • The connection between archaeology and literature.
  • Psychology and modern literature.
  • Narrations about evolution according to Darwin.
  • Why does Philosophy make a powerful impact on literature?
  • Disclosing the essence of the “self” in modern literature.
  • The significance of history in analyzing modern literary works.
  • Painting and modern poetry.
  • The connection between the arts and science.
  • Space exploration in the literature pieces of the 21st

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