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How to create a marketing plan

If you want your business to thrive, it is a good idea to learn how to write a marketing plan since it does help business grow more successfully. No matter how dull it might sound, but a marketing plan develops your understanding of customers’ needs, which ensures their better service. A marketing plan and a business plan are of equal importance, so developing online courses or any other digital product, you have to be sure to treat them equally seriously. You will probably not find a universal marketing plan template, but there are certain essential components, which efficiently ensure an informing marketing strategy. This article will discuss 10 marketing plan key components and will examine the reasons why it is important to master marketing plan writing skills.

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A Marketing Plan – What Is It?

A marketing plan can be compared with a roadmap as it is aimed at helping you design and implement a marketing strategy and eventually benefit from it. Similar to a business plan, there are a number of chapters related to the specific requirements of the business in a marketing plan.

It should be noted that marketing has turned into an increasingly complex phenomenon over the last twenty years. As a result, marketing plans have also become more complex as they are aimed at finding more ways to reach potential clients.

A perfect marketing plan provides answers to the following questions:

  • What does your business have on offer to cater for your customers?
  • Who are your potential customers?
  • Why would the clients want to purchase the product you produce?
  • What are the ways of reaching potential clients using marketing messages?
  • What are the most efficient marketing spheres for your business?
  • What are the ways of overcoming obstacles impeding your business development?
  • What are the goals of your marketing policy, both short-term and long-term ones?
  • What are the ways of tracking the success of your marketing strategy?

Using all the above questions in creating your marketing plan will enable you to ensure an efficient structure of marketing strategy and to achieve your goals.

Once a marketing plan has been written, it is possible to go over it as many times as you might find necessary since there may arise new challenges derived from the customers’ feedback. A marketing plan is a dynamic structure, which is developing alongside your business.

Find below the reasons for undertaking a marketing plan:

  1. It is a part of the process of annual planning conditioned by the functional sphere.
  2. It is required while introducing something new as a part of a specific strategy. It is necessary to plan a new item of production, to enter a new market, and to develop a new way of fixing an old problem.
  3. It is an integral part of a general business plan.

Although developing a marketing plan and formatting it can be done in a number of ways, this article presents a plan that includes the following six parts:

  1. Marketing Plan Mission and Purpose
  2. Situational Research
  3. Marketing Objectives and Strategy
  4. Programs on Tactics
  5. Budget, Analysis of Performance, Implementation
  6. Additional Issues

Although the above plan is developed for single products or lines of products, it can also be used to plan SBU (Strategic Business Unit) provided it undergoes certain adjustment. As for the length of a page, a single-spaced typed format is used for each section in case a plan is aimed at a single item. If a plan is aimed at several products, the length will be respectively longer.

Advice on How to Write a Marketing Plan That Guarantees Success

Marketing plans are of great importance for all types of businesspeople. Writing a marketing plan paper requires careful consideration of the objectives expected to be achieved. Thus, the planner has to focus on those, which are of first-priority importance.

With a skillfully written marketing plan, your business has more chances to achieve its goals with minimum losses.

  1. Start a marketing plan with the description of your business purpose and its goals that is an Executive Summary.
  2. Proceed with an Introduction in which describe the products (services) you are offering.
  3. The next chapter contains a situational analysis, which requires collecting the data necessary for evaluating the market you are going to enter with your product (service).
  4. The chapter that follows is of great practical importance as it contains the goals, which you expect to be accomplished.
  5. The most challenging part is a Marketing Action Plan since you have to suggest the steps, which must ensure the achievement of the goals set by you.
  6. Budget is the next chapter as it answers the question of how much money is required to achieve the goals. You should follow the essential business and marketing rule, which means spending on marketing as much as you can afford.

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