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Dissertation Topics on Health and Social Care

Writing a health and social care dissertation is not an easy task to do; it requires much time, efforts, and dedication. Moreover, there are a few peculiarities which should be taken into consideration. Thus, such a dissertation can be distinguished from the similar tasks by the complex nature of its subject. Comparing to some alternative disciplines which explore the clinical training, health and social care discipline is aimed at analyzing the human social experiences as well as the connection between healthcare and social care. In particular, it assesses and evaluates the key trends in the healthcare field, monitors the healthcare programs, and follows the various policy issues connected with the management and delivery of healthcare services.

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The Fundamental Categories of Health and Social Care Discipline

The key purpose of Health and Social Care is to raise a controversial topic discussing the ethical and methodological challenges existing within the scope of this field. Apart from the different research methods, the possible subjects for dissertation may include the following topics: Health and Social Care systems and policies, violence, abuse, and other psychical disorders, the issues related to psychological health of children and adolescents, and many others.

If you do not know what topic to choose, we offer you to select something from the following list of topics.

  • The Impact of the Lack of Treatment on Children and Adolescents: Outlining the Strategies for Underdeveloped Societies;
  • Ethical Challenges Associated with Health and Social Care Discipline;
  • Violent Treatment of Children with Hyperactivity Disorder: Causes and Consequences;
  • The Social and Racial Discrimination of Children in Minority Groups;
  • The Impact of Technologies on the Social life of Children and Adolescents;
  • Financial Sustainability in the United States; Key Recommendations for Policy Making;
  • Determining Measures, which can Help to Reduce Abuse and Violence towards Socially Unprotected Children;
  • Evaluation of Emotional, Behavioral, Intellectual, and Social Aspects of Creative Play for Disabled Child;
  • Analyzing a Paralympic Athlete`s Personal Story; Key Challenges and Problems;
  • The Correlation Between The Psychological Disorders and Polluting Problems.

You can choose from this list or select any other topic related to your discipline. Certainly, the process of writing a Health and Social Care dissertation is always time and effort consuming, and you need to dedicate a lot of skills and knowledge to it. Feel free to inform your professor about the chosen topic. He will be happy to outline the scope of your future work. A piece of advice: spend some time brainstorming your ideas and try to pick the ones which are related to your topic getting rid of the meaningless details. All in all, you need to realize that successful submitting of your dissertation is a significant step towards your success. It is the wise investment in your career!