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A dissertation is a profound work that is of great importance to every student. In general, this is an academic text that presents a student’s independent and thorough research. If you pursue an M.Ed. Degree, you will not avoid a tedious dissertation-writing process. This core research project will consume a lot of time and energy. Thus, it is important to find an interesting and relevant theme among a variety of dissertation topics in education. Then, you will be set for a journey of obtaining your MD.

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If you want to improve your teaching practices and influence students, then you need to get an M.Ed. degree. And don’t let the need to write a dissertation stop you. This work may seem an insurmountable barrier on your way to success. But this is just your first reaction. In fact, to make the whole writing process more pleasant, you should simply find a theme that resonates with you. Also, it would be better if you choose a field in which you are really competent. A domain where you feel like a newbie is not the best choice if you want to get the highest grades. For a topic that is familiar to you, you can provide really strong arguments and craft a brilliant paper.

To help you get started with your paper, we will look at various education dissertation topics, as well as the aspects to consider when choosing the right one for your research. Our article with helpful tips from professional writers, and the list of possible themes are a good starting point for any student who gets ready to write the final academic work in the field of education.

How to Choose the Right Topic for Your Dissertation

To determine the right theme for your master’s thesis you need to consider several key aspects. For instance, a good dissertation should:

  • be to the point. In other words, it should be relevant. Make sure to check what research has already been done on this topic, and how it can be expanded. Look at the findings of your predecessors: while some of these are dogmatic, the others need to be rethought;
  • have a scientific value. The research you aim to conduct should have a real scientific value. Make sure to formulate the objectives and goals of your research properly;
  • offer practical applications. You should opt for a topic that has practical significance. A certain group of people should benefit from this research, being able to use its results;
  • have a specific structure. This is a scientific paper, and it should correspond to an established structure. The sphere of knowledge doesn’t matter in this case; it can be a thesis in the humanities or exact sciences.

Thus, these aspects put your search for a suitable topic in a certain framework. At the same time, the dissertation topics in higher education can be found on the Internet in abundance. If you are at a loss, here are some practical ideas that will guide you in the process of dissertation writing:

Find a Relevant Topic

Opt for a theme that will help you in your future work in the sphere of education. Among dissertation topics for education choose the one that is closely related to your career path. It should also be a theme that you can create enough content for.

Preserve Clarity and Don’t Be Too Narrow

When choosing among different master thesis topics in education, keep in mind that the work should have up to 300 pages and no less than 100 pages. So, your topic should allow for broad research. Also, it should have a clear structure to help you present strong argumentation.

Formulate Correct Research Questions

Make sure the questions are not too simple and narrow. They should not allow for such answers as Yes or No. Find the questions that call for research. Here are some examples:

  • Can father’s expectations influence a child’s life?
  • How much do writing assignments contribute to students’ academic improvement?

Seek Advice

Make use of the guidance, offered to any student writing a thesis. The supervisor is assigned to help you all the way until your dissertation is complete. Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback on every section of your thesis. The assigned teacher has solid academic experience; he or she is the one who can contribute to your research.


If you feel that you have found the right theme for your future masterpiece, don’t rush to start writing it. Check if there is enough info on this topic to support your claims and arguments. Or maybe it has already been thoroughly researched and there is nothing to add to it.

List of Dissertation Topics in Higher Education

Now we want to provide you with the list of dissertation topics in higher education as well as special education thesis topics. It will help you to choose a researchable theme. In general, these are the works done by some scholars in the sphere of education. You can take a look at their topics and shape your own title.

  1. Promoting inclusivity of learners with behavioral disabilities.
  2. Perspectives of E-learning.
  3. Shaping the personality vs providing academic education: What is more important?
  4. How globalization has changed education.
  5. Profound analysis of career opportunities related to a Liberal Arts degree.
  6. A study of the academic rewards of students who have chosen to work as teachers.
  7. Prospects for the use of computers in education.
  8. Comparison of pedagogical strategies used by veterans and young teachers.
  9. What are teachers’ views on the impact of technology on the educational system?
  10. What technology-related challenges do adults face while learning?
  11. Summer learning loss: New solutions to the old problem.
  12. Pros and cons of European education policies.
  13. Role of educational platforms in learning of those leaving in rural regions.
  14. How does math coaching affect learners’ overall confidence?
  15. The impact of reality television on learners.
  16. The role of edu-blogging for social learning: the impact professors can make.
  17. The main problems that young teachers face in the first two years of teaching.
  18. Public schools vs private schools: Issues related to drugs.
  19. Sex education: Is it complicated for students, teachers, or both?
  20. Holistic approach to learning: inconsistencies in modern education that we must eliminate.
  21. The influence of social platforms on learners’ emotional maturity.
  22. Stimulating educational environment: Strategies young teachers should consider.
  23. Correlation between positive thinking and academic achievement.
  24. Pros and cons of compulsory retirement of college teachers.
  25. How playing while teaching impacts the cognitive development of children.
  26. What makes US students study abroad?
  27. How does prolonged driving affects an individual’s brain.
  28. Is there a link between teenagers’ academic accomplishments and their health?
  29. Analysis of the impact of written assignments on the performance of foreign students.
  30. Computer games as an additional learning tool.


As you might have already noticed, dissertation topics in education are endless. Of course, the choice of an appropriate theme is just the beginning of the entire writing process. Still, it is an important stage. And it should be treated accordingly. With all the information provided in the article and the list of education dissertation topics, you are well equipped to find the right topic and conduct fruitful research.