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Dissertation Topics In Astrophysics

People have always been curious about the mysteries of the universe. The outer space is both frightening and irresistibly capturing. Nowadays, we are more able than ever to try to reveal the secrets which the universe is hiding since the state-of-the-art technologies allow mankind to reach breathtaking distances and see things our ancestors could only dream of seeing. It’s not surprising that many young people want their lives to be connected to the space exploration. If you one of the aspiring astrophysicists and you want to write a profound dissertation but cannot decide on the topic, you might want to take a look at the following list of topics.

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Best Dissertation Topics in Astrophysics

  1. Question Gravitation

The history knows examples of one scientist’s gravity theory being proved wrong by another scientist. That’s exactly what Einstein did to Newton’s theory. But what if Einstein himself was wrong? It turns out that some researches doubt that his gravity pull theory is correct. So, it can be extremely interesting to do the research on this topic.

  1. Black Holes

As you know, there are three black holes formulation theories. This issue doesn’t seem to wear off, so discussing it in your dissertation might draw a great deal of attention to your work.

  1. Theories of Space

Another way to make your dissertation worth reading is to discuss the evolution of space theories. Throughout the history, humanity’s vision of space has changed dramatically. With the advent of technology, people tend to make more and more discoveries.

  1. Living in Space

This topic has captured the imagination of sci-fi writers and movie makers for decades. Is there the slightest possibility that our future generations will be able to settle colonies outside our planet? What would be the positive and negative influence of it on mankind?

  1. Extraterrestrial Life

Another extremely popular question which bothers scientists as well as average people: are we alone in the universe? In your dissertation, focus on the issue of finding life outside our planet. Is it possible or not? How would it affect humanity?

  1. Cause and Effect

It’s generally accepted that cause and effect are linked: one inevitably follows the other. But what if they’re not? You might want to discuss it in your paper.

  1. Meteors as a Source of Information

When entering our atmosphere, most space objects burn to ashes. However, some of them reach our planets’ surface intact carrying incredibly valuable information about space. Discuss what does the analysis of meteor body composition means to Astrophysics.

To sum up, there are so many extremely interesting Astrophysics topics to discuss in your dissertation. However, you should choose the one you are the most interested in. Only when a researcher is fond of the topic they work on, they can make a groundbreaking discovery.