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Topics for Chemistry Research Papers

Completing a dissertation is considered to be one of the most challenging tasks through an academic life. In fact, it performs two functions: covering already existing scientific material related to the topic and forming an own position with a suggested resolution. While procrastination is such a huge temptation, you should get the work started and choose a subject for writing. Not to get stuck, you can use our list of science dissertation topics. We have done our best to include in it the items referring to pharmacology, biochemistry, nanotechnology, and public health.

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Topics for Dissertation on Pharmacology and Chemistry

If you are aiming to pick up a nice chemistry thesis, you are halfway there. Below, there is a good choice of ideas to develop in the course of your research. The students of medical universities could especially benefit from the suggested subjects for their paper. At least, a couple of statements may be helpful to choose the side for the further investigation.

  1. Current study of antidepressants.
  2. Innovative techniques of the organic peroxides’ synthesis.
  3. The way peroxide electrophiles could be applied to produce ethers.
  4. The organization and composition of octacarboxy porphyrinic metal-organic frameworks.
  5. General overview of molecular chemistry.
  6. How could be the chemical formula of drugs developed?
  7. Prognosis of the further evolution of clinical pharmacology.
  8. Detecting problematic questions in the process of schooling integrative pharmacology and physiology in the UK educational establishments.
  9. Progress in studying behavioral pharmacology.
  10. The origination of the British Pharmacological Society and the way it functions nowadays.
  11. Anti-HIV pharmacology in the United Kingdom.
  12. Which problems appear in the experimental study of cancer drugs?
  13. Effects of using spinal anesthesia in cesarean section.
  14. What are the advantages of being vaccinated?
  15. The reason to choose home-based nursing instead of hospital admission.
  16. What challenges do people face while taking a break in the professional nursing career?
  17. The most important technological developments in the nursing sphere.
  18. The salary rate for nurses and the workload they cope with.
  19. The wages that nurses receive are not enough to justify their workload.
  20. Competition in the medical labor market. What chances to be promoted do young graduates have?
  21. Why is advanced vocational training essential for nurses?
  22. The psychological aspect of communication with patients.
  23. Soft skills applied in medicine.
  24. Which knowledge should be obtained by the professionals treating patients with severe medical conditions?
  25. An interconnection between the personal growth and the inner state of the person employed in the medical sphere.
  26. The ways to make the work of district nurses more efficacious.

Dissertation Topics in Chemistry

Selecting a thesis for a paper on chemistry might be a daunting task. The problem is that there is such a huge variety of options that you literally get lost. Having acknowledged this difficulty, you should pay attention to the tips presented in the article. To begin with, no matter what issue you undertake, it is required to shape and edit in a formulaic style. Secondly, it is crucial that the topic would be interesting and appealing to you. Otherwise, you will not be eager to dig deeper and get to know more about it. What is more, having a look at the possible variants of topics might excite the curiosity and give you an idea of that very topic to pick. There are many ways to find samples. For example, pay a visit to a school library, search the Internet, or call on academic writing center. Additionally, pay attention to the works of other students to get a rough idea of the structure and methods used. Here is our list of statements to opt for:

  1. Chemical constituents of diet soda, its benefits and downsides.
  2. The presence of fluoride in municipal water.
  3. What are the dangers of acid rain?
  4. The way plastic packaging could influence the products inside of it.
  5. Why does the level of the harmfulness of chemical elements differ?
  6. Why use biofuel?
  7. What chemicals make people be allergic to food?
  8. The trace of chemistry in history. What valuable effect in the World has its growth?
  9. Methods to seize carbon dioxide and make it of a good use.
  10. Chemistry rules used while baking.
  11. Would it be effective to displace egg with chemical substance while baking?
  12. How are foods transformed with chemicals to be long-stored?
  13. Detecting chemical features of smell.
  14. Special characteristics of alternative and traditional medicines. What would be an ultimate solution for you?
  15. What results can have alcohol poisoning?

At this very stage of your research, you should bear in mind a few more things. Always consider the target audience and who is going to read the paper. You should carefully investigate already existing data and material related to your subject. Do not disregard consulting with your instructor, quite often, it may help you to move in the right direction and omit some future problems. The next step is to define the type of writing you are going to complete. Moreover, do your best to compose a nice and structured thesis.

To sum up, chemistry, pharmacology, and nanotechnology have plenty issues to be discovered, the point is to find the one to your taste. If you are eager to have your paper done, even the dissertation topics in organic chemistry may sound very attractive to you, and you will be able to work out some captivating findings. Only the topic which lights the sparkle of interest in you would drive your keenness and passion. Organize the routine to follow and be productive with writing. Having coped with deciding on the topic, you should take further steps with the same seriousness. Mindfully plan your time, and the result is soon to come.