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Training and Development

Training and development are the core aspects of healthcare practice that help physicians and caregivers succeed in their professional career. The development of training programs significantly increases the retention of valuable medical personnel, ensures employees’ satisfaction, and improves the productivity of a medical facility. Workforce competency helps to attain high-quality health care workers adhering to the current market principles of service delivery. The paper seeks to research training and development in healthcare organizations, effective succession plans, training programs, and the significance of OSHA.

The upper management of healthcare facilities pays particular attention to the development and training of their personnel. The importance of education cannot be overestimated as well. As various parts of the industry undergo changes, this aspect is also transforming. Despite having a degree, the need for training and development does not stop. These processes should be ongoing because the entire healthcare system is evolving. Healthcare workers are encouraged to develop an adequate, timely, and effective career plan to meet own demands and those of patients. In order to comprehend the effectiveness of training, healthcare facilities should measure the entire training process and personnel’s knowledge. Rating, interviews, and testing are the core aspects of the review process.

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Although the number of healthcare providers reduces, programs focusing on the development and training of employees are crucial. They help to retain the most valuable workers, increase their proficiency, improve skills, and favorably affect the overall quality and functioning of the healthcare system. It is the most important aspect in the value-based world. However, leaders, clinicians, and caregivers do not always prioritize these tasks. They prefer to address other pressing problems first, including quality, compliance, and reimbursement. However, healthcare providers should assess these important issues and oversee their compliance with the rules and regulations within the healthcare system. Regular training helps to improve skills and become more proficient, as well as increases competitiveness among various medical facilities.

The modern healthcare system faces significant challenges that adversely affect the management of the workforce. As a consequence, medical facilities fail to address pressing issues of the day and to retain the most valuable employees. Nowadays, only a few organizations pay attention to talent management and succession planning practices. Not only top executives are responsible for succession planning, but also organization’s departments are engaged in this process. It is related to nurturing future talents. The complex healthcare industry recognizes the need for effective succession planning due to a significant pressure made by the transformation process. In this case, medical facilities will be able to meet the growing demand for effective and quality care, as well as adhere to rules and regulations. Some organizations, which are concerned about their fate, have already included succession planning in their own talent management strategy. Poor skills of individuals seeking recruitment and employees’ aging have urged medical facilities to review their policy. These factors can become even more pressing in the course of time. In order to make succession planning effective, it is crucial for an organization and separate departments to focus on continued effective performance, organize work in a team, as well as engage key employers in the working process.

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Some factors affect the way employees use their skills in practice and how the entire organization functions. The most significant ones are the development and implementation of a comprehensive training program that helps to disclose workers’ talents and creativity. In order to reach long-term success, a plan of strategic actions is of particular importance. Training and career development programs provide the organization and its employees with significant benefits. However, the success and favorable outcomes can be reached only if a plan of action is properly elaborated and implemented. The comprehension of its specifics, goals, philosophy, and functions may significantly increase productivity, motivation, and bring positive results. A clearly defined training program helps to reach specific goals. Nursing leaders have various responsibilities and roles, and, therefore, unlike other trainees, they cannot receive adequate training to improve the quality of provided care. However, after attending a specific training program, nurses and other professionals enrich their knowledge base and assist those depending on their services. Curriculum developers will be able to make appropriate and effective changes in instructional methodologies, which are the core of training and development processes. Trained and skilled specialists become aware of the educational level of their subordinates and are prepared for further assignments. The upper management knows what to expect from their employees after training.

The role of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) (n.d.) in training and career development of employees cannot be underestimated. The federal agency enforces health legislation, protection, and safety. It determines specific standards that should be applied to the workplace and requires all parties to follow requirements and regulations. The federal agency offers comprehensive training programs to healthcare organizations. One of them called the Outreach Training Program helps workers to prevent health hazards in the workplace. Employers’ responsibilities and employees’ rights are specified there as well (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, n.d.). Some entities have made such training mandatory for every party involved in the decision-making process.

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 To conclude, employee training and development have become the core of new policies that highlight the significance of the workforce and other resources. In order to achieve favorable outcomes, clinicians and caregivers should properly access and measure clinical care and performance. In this case, medical professionals will be able to deliver value-based healthcare, thereby satisfying patients’ basic healthcare needs. Healthcare providers should keep up with the times in order to succeed and prosper in the ever-changing environment. The current training programs focus on clinical competency and compliance. However, there are many healthcare organizations, which highlight the importance of care, customer service, and satisfaction.