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Studying and Working Experience

The following paper presents the course of analysis of the working experience conducted through different lenses and angles in order to represent the detailed and objective picture. The paper will analyze the experience of Zeng Zimo, a beautiful female professional from China who succeeded in the USA in both studying and working areas. The story of success of Zeng Zimo is significant as far as it vividly demonstrates the strength of will power, determination, persistence and unlimited human potential in the U.S. job market.

Analysis and Discussion

The most amazing and persuasive characteristic Zeng Zimo has is apparently her significant enthusiasm. It is evident that she is literally ‘in love’ with her job. It is the passion Zimo considers to be one of the most important factors of success in the professional area. Actually, the passion experienced by a person contributes to their efficiency level and, as a result, to the level of profitability and performance of the company they work for. Therefore, an employee becomes an essential part of the corporate family and is highly evaluated; therefore, a company and its success motivate their staff. Moreover, the passion and enthusiasm displayed in the professional scope of activity lead not only to corporate success, but also to personal satisfaction. It is a very common problem to be satisfied financially with the job and, at the same time, to have no personal satisfaction from one’s work. It is the problem of the modern business world and job market. Saari and Judge (2004) present the course of constructive investigation, analysis and discussion of this controversial and manifold point, and make the following conclusion: “Thus, contrary to earlier reviews, it does appear that job satisfaction is, in fact, predictive of performance, and the relationship is even stronger for professional jobs.” (p. 398). This conclusion is reflected and supported by Zimo’s key questions and targets which lead her in the scope of professional activity and aspirations, namely: “But where is the freedom and the interest? The passion? These are everything I want.” (“Zeng Zimo: A Beauty with Reason and Emotion”, 2007).

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Zeng Zimo is different from the average employees in the sector of her professional activity, as well as in general terms, not only due to her professional achievements but, first of all, due to her lifestyle, perception and attitude. These characteristics tend to form the basis for professional success. According to Yembe (2014), it is very important to align personal and professional success for them to complement each other. It is true that professional achievements require not only much time and efforts, but also sacrifices. Zimo confirms it by the fact that she often has to sacrifice hours of sleep, rest or leisure time with her close people in order to stick to her working schedule. However, she has learned the amazing art of prioritizing and time management which really works; and now she is capable to align her personal and professional success.

One more significant factor of Zimo’s success is her extraordinary abilities. According to her success story, “Because she is very good at mathematics, near graduation, Zimo impressed the elite New York based brokerage firm Morgan Stanley, who offered her an enviable job. She started her work as an analyst by working on a major merger.” (“Zeng Zimo: A Beauty with Reason and Emotion”, 2007). Hence, abilities are considered to be an essential factor of success. Therefore, it is important to underline the key requirements of real success concerning personal abilities and skills. It is crucial to constantly develop and improve skills and knowledge as well as align them with the latest achievements in different fields, innovations and know-how developments. Only such a constructive and consistent professional development provides a high level of competence and, as a consequence, new achievements and constant success.

Moreover, it is also crucial to underline the significance of timing in terms of successful working experience. According to Zimo’s working experience, it is crucial to start now and never wait for tomorrow and better chance or condition. However, such an approach should not involve extremeness since every step ought to be prudent and relevant. As Chen (n.d.) underlines, “The stars rarely align and you will never be completely ready so just start now and adjust along the way.” This is exactly what Zimo has done in the beginning of her success story. One should also align this aspect with the factor of proper and timely use of opportunities a person is granted. Many people miss or neglect opportunities because of fear, lack of skills, confidence and other restraints. Zimo has had a brilliant chance to move to the USA and start the course of education – and she has made the most of it.  She was consistent and persistent for all the five years of the hard and tense educative process. In this aspect Zimo differs from the majority of contemporary students. Age is a very important factor in terms of success. As Ryan (2014) from Forbes underlines, “Age discrimination is everywhere. I hear more examples of age discrimination than I hear about sex discrimination, racial discrimination and every other kind put together. ” The reasons of such a tendency may be diverse and numerous, but it still remains factual (statistically supported) data. Therefore, it is another key factor and crucial difference of Zimo’s working experience and success: she never waited but immediately took any excellent opportunity and succeeded. However, the age factor is connected not only with the employers’ reluctance and young professionals’ overall preference. It is also directly linked to the time literally ‘available’ for success. The younger a person starts pursuing their career, the more time they will have for new achievements, further ambitions and perspectives.

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Furthermore, Chen (n.d.) highlights the significance of resilience and persistence in the course of pursuing success. “The key point to remember is to persist and to develop the courage to move on even when everyone around you is telling you it is ok to give up” (Chen, n.d.). He also supports his argument with the famous phrase, “The road to success is paved with a thousand failures”. Zimo’s success story confirms significance and effectiveness of such an attitude to professional performance. The attitude of a person makes a huge difference in the end of the process of activity.


Thus, Zeng Zimo’s significant working experience and success story motivate one to pursue a dream and a passion. Zimo is different in such aspects as tremendous enthusiasm, persistence, significant abilities, consistency and relevance in terms of professional performance, perfect timing and capability to make the most of every excellent opportunity she is ever offered. I should learn how to incorporate these aspects in my future professional activity in order to succeed and get not only financial but also personal satisfaction from my job.