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Sport and Education

The modern world can hardly be called perfect as there are many problems to solve. Nowadays, people are intelligent enough to sit in the cabinets and write about important political and social problems. However, does it make any sense? I mean, does only thinking about the problems is able to solve the problem? Of course, it is not so. Thinking is the first stage, and it should become a starting point for the further actions. Numerous psychologists, sociologists and philosophers dedicate their researches to the problems of children upbringing, especially, when it is connected with combining different types of activities. This topic is thrilling for me because I am the one who tries to combine intellectual and sport activities despite all the difficulties. Unfortunately, not everybody realize the importance of a multiple activity, even if it is hard and tiring. I want to pay attention to the problems of children activity and leisure in order to prove that challenging yourself in different ways is extremely important.

First of all, it is necessary to mention the most disappointing problems of society I have observed. Children are the ones, who may continue making adults’ mistakes or change their ways in order to improve. Therefore, unawareness of children’s features and some psychological characteristics seems ridiculous to me. Parents do not know about the basic principles of upbringing and are thoughtless towards the directing their children to improvement. More and more people are involved in money earning in order to have an authoritative position in the community. People waste their money on buying the last models of self-phones and computers while the most essential values of life remain forgotten. For example, not every parent understands that their support and advice are much more important for their children than new gadgets’ buying. People are unhappy because they cannot satisfy themselves with the material wealth and they cannot find other sources of joy and pleasure, which can bring a sense of right choice. Teenagers become lazy and uninterested, as playing the video games is more exciting than reading a book or playing football. I think that weakness, indolence, and indifference are the problem of the contemporary world. I have noticed that even young people are not as passionate and brave, as they should be.

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In the 21st century, it is quite difficult to find a well-paid job that fits your interests without education. A diploma confirms an individual’s professional knowledge and skills. Intelligence is an irreplaceable component of every person’s life, but life is full of other pleasant things. I do not want to say that intelligence is not important. People’s activity should not be directed only on knowledge’s gaining, but on improvements in other areas. These areas include sport, creativity, and relationship. But, people have a lack of initiative and perseverance to do many complicated things. Students may say that education is their main activity, and they may be right, though, sitting with books cannot discover the potential, hidden in the human soul. Complete realization cannot be done without different positive and negative experience. Unfortunately, some people think that calm and single-type life is a good choice. On the contrary, sport is becoming more and more popular, though it cannot discover all the individual’s talents. Training one’s body does not make any sense in case one’s brain is not exercised! In addition, a weak body and laziness are not the signs of consciousness and intelligence as well! People should avoid these extremes and try to lead a balanced life, which contains both physical and intellectual exercises.

Challenging is the only way to become stronger and wiser. I have felt it myself. Moreover, I think that person is something bigger than being, whose instincts and needs must be satisfied. We have will, intellect, and consciousness in order to differentiate from the animal world. Millions of people, who were ready to give their life in order to protect motherland and family, would not be glad if they saw fat, lazy and coward man of the 21st century. Therefore, I am more than sure in the necessity of challenging in order to succeed. Really, if our grandmothers and grandfathers were not strong and confident, we would not look at blue sky today. I do not want my ancestors, who died to give me life, be ashamed of me. I do not want to betray my ideals about the brave heroes, who fought until the last breath. If the changes do not happen, tomorrow man would not make efforts to survive, as modern technologies would do everything instead of him. I will not be surprised looking at a fat, disabled, and silly person, who presses the buttons in order the machines could make him happy. I can hardly imagine the war of these people, as they would be afraid of pain and death, so the destiny of millions of citizens and the whole states may be determined in online games. I do not want my children to be watching television 16 hours a day and eating ice-cream with coca-cola.

I have a few assumptions about making contemporary children better. They should be fit both physically and mentally, so, studding and sport activities should be necessary elements of their day. I am a football player, who tries to succeed in sport and science. I am not one of those who go to sleep after tiring and exhausting trainings. The matter is that I realize the significance of studding and the progress achieved by it. It does not matter whether the training was good or bad: despite my emotions, I try to prepare my homework and get ready for the classes. I will not find me lying at the sofa in front of the TV and drinking beer. After trainings and traumas, I try to fight with myself and with the need for sleep and rest, which tries to turn off my mind. I do want to improve myself, therefore, it may seem as I do not spare myself. I try to do my best in studies not because of the fear of bad marks and judgments of my parent. I feel victory by overcoming my laziness and indifference, and these victories prepare me for the greater success. My peers usually do not understand me, however, this fact does not bring me down. On the contrary, I am becoming stronger both spiritually and physically. I have high requirements for myself, and I do not know the limits of my opportunities. Nevertheless, I try to broaden my outlook and physical skills every day in order to surprise myself. And I know that I am strong and confident because of these actions. And I want other children to have similar feelings, which would inspire them.

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I suppose that community should agitate the youth to an active lifestyle, made of bright moments and challenges. To be precise, I think that collages, schools and universities should encourage such a brave activity by offering extra money, as prizes for victories. In addition, some teachers may make some pampering for active students in order they could have a bit rest.

In conclusion, the changes that I have mentioned are necessary because our future is in the hands of our children. I want to be proud of myself and proud of my children. The society should control the lifestyle of children and youth in order to avoid many catastrophist consequences.