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Soccer essay

To begin with, hosting a major activity is always a pleasure to all the cities. In fact, many nations in the world are competing to host the world cup because such as an event is of significant advantage to the host city in terms of economic, cultural and even social benefits.  FIFA world cup is known to have a significant impact on the host countries; recently, the spending in terms of the organization of the world cup has risen from a billion dollars to multiple billions. Moreover, the perception that the world cup is not just a small business has spread over the years since the world cup is viewed as an event with a global impact. The world cup has been attracting large brands in the world such as Adidas and Coca-Cola for many years. Thanks to the significant impact the hosting of the world cup provides, many nations over the world are engaging in the competition among countries by making efforts to ensure that the next world cup is held in their country. The USA and the UK represent the major bidders in the 2018 and 2022 world cup. In fact, it it possible that Britain will host the 2018 world cup and the USA may host the 2022 world cup. The paper will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of competing to host the world cup for the USA. Competing for the hosting of the world cup has other economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits as presented by the paper.

Economic Benefits

By competing in such an event, the USA will have an opportunity to present some of its major highly developed spheres. In case the country wins the competition to host the world cup, the nation will demonstrate the level of development of the city and the region. The hosting of the world cup will highlight the degree to which the city is accessible through airports, railway, and even road. Through such an event organization, it will be easy to build the image of the city and even help to attract new investors to the city.

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Raising the Profile of a Country

In fact, the state, which hosts the world cup, builds its profile that leads to a lot of economic benefits. The cities or nations, which have hosted the world cup, get an assurance that they will experience a rise in tourism activities. Actually, some of the cities in the world, which have hosted the major sports activities, such as Sydney, Beijing and others, have experienced a significant rise in tourist activities. For the USA, the hosting of such sport activities could lead to a greater international acceptance (FIFA.com). After South Africa had held the football world cup, the nation started to gain reputation despite the apartheid system, which tainted the image of the country for a long time. In fact, to a country like the USA, which is associated with such issues as the discrimination of Afro-Americans, the hosting of the world cup games could help the nation in regaining the reputation and the lost image.

Creation of Jobs

Another economic impact of hosting the world cup is the fact that it will create a great number of jobs. Actually, the long duration of planning of the event will provide many jobs to the planners. The creation of jobs in the city has a very significant impact on the locals and even the host cities. The jobs can elevate the lives of the citizens by improving their economic status (FIFA.com). In fact, the city, which was economically depressed in the past, can benefit through the job creation that will be provided by the planning of the event. The burden of unemployment will also be mitigated even though the short-term employment. The expected economic output can be measured in billions and it could have a long-term economic impact to the city and the locals (FIFA.com).

However, the host cities are more likely to experience only a short-term economic boom. As the number of visitors will increase, it is expected that the spending will rise that will be of a great benefit to the locals. Moreover, the business in the host cities is supposed to be on the rise, since the visitors will require such goods and services as food and shelter. In fact, transport services will also be in great demand.  The hosting of a big scale event is expected to benefit the locals through the increased trade. In addition, the government is also expected to benefit from the hosting. According to the predictions of the 1994 world cup that was held in the USA, the USA is expected to receive billions of dollars.  Moreover, the world cup is expected to earn from about 4 to 6 billion dollars. The expected number of people, who intends to attend the event, is about 6000-8000. What concerns the local city, the host city will experience a significant boost in the local economy.

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Another economic advantage, which will arise from the hosting of the world cup, is the long-term investments. A country that is competing to host the world cup must be committed to invest in long-term infrastructures such as sporting grounds and road networks. Even though the locals may not experience a long-term economic benefit from the activity, they can still feel the legacy left by the event because of the long-term investments in the infrastructure. In fact, such cities as London, which hosted the Olympics, have created good infrastructural networks, which still serve as a remembrance of the Olympics. The USA is also expected to experience such changes.

In addition, hosting such a big scale event will create a chance for the development of high-quality football facilities and programs. The facilities will help to enhance the development and exploration of talent. The grassroots levels will also benefit a lot from the same factor.

Hosting of the event will also provide new economic opportunities for the nation. Moreover, the USA will attract new partners by hosting the event. Such an advantage will not only be beneficial in the short-term, but it will also create an opportunity for the future commercial activities with new partners. Actually,  hosting a world cup will also present a great opportunity to attract sponsors, who can help in other spheres of development. New connections are highly beneficial for the nation. Therefore, it is advantageous to compete in order to realize all the benefits.


In fact, the hosting of the Olympics also has some economic disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that the country has to spend a lot of money to develop the infrastructure that would help to support the World Cup. While hosting the sporting activity, the nation will engage in the improvement of the existing facilities and the transport networks. The cost of developing the infrastructure is very high, and the taxpayers will be expected to pay this cost in the form of taxes.

In addition, the country wastes a great number of resources, when it invests many billions in building the facilities that will only be useful during big scale events. Moreover, some of these facilities will never be full again. In such a way, some cities, which have hosted the major sporting activities, have built the stadiums that are no longer useful today. The cost of maintenance is so high that the revenues the stadiums earn each year are not sufficient to cover the associated expenditures. All the costs add a burden to the tax payers and, thus, the citizens do not benefit from the building of stadiums.

In some cases, the government increases the taxes after the event. In fact, such a governmental decision aims at  the compensation for the losses that will be incurred during the preparation and the hosting of the world cup. Such an action could hurt the citizens economically that means that the potential benefits could be offset by the disadvantages.  The cost of security is also high and the safety considerations would reduce the free movement of the locals.

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Environmental Impacts

The hosting of the world cup could result both in positive and  adverse environmental effects. The positive environmental effect involves the establishment of good drainage systems that could not have been built otherwise. In fact, such systems are of significance to the environment.

Even though the hosting of the world cup is enjoyable, it is also evident that it also brings environmental impacts. The environmental impacts appear because of the multiplication of the individual actions that cause harm to the environment. One of the key damaging activities to the environment represents trashing.  During the organization of sporting activities, there is a lot of trash from food, packages, bottles and other materials. In fact, these materials present an environmental challenge, when they are not managed properly. The main problem is the fact that these materials cannot be recycled and, thus, they damage the environment.

Moreover, the level of carbon emission increases during the hosting of big scale events. Actually, electricity is needed to host the events and, thus, a lot of carbon emissions will be released in the environment. In fact, the increased number of transport activities will also contribute significantly to the release of carbon emissions. Unfortunately, the pollution that arises from the emission of carbon dioxide and other gasses is irreversible. The pollution that arises from the major sporting activities has received a lot of attention. Moreover, the sporting activities could also accelerate the climatic changes, since the transport sector is associated with greenhouse gasses. Actually, the production of the carbon dioxide during the world cup was estimated to be at the level of about 2.7 million tons. Despite the significant improvements that are developed to prevent the pollution, the issue has not been fully resolved. Other environmental impacts include the noise from both the cheering and the sound of vehicles. Other possible environmental changes include the destruction of nature and the landscape. Such habitats as forests could be affected, when the areas are cleared to pave the way for the expansion of stadiums. Actually, such a situation could lead to a severe disruption of the ecosystem.

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Social Impacts

The competing and bidding for the hosting of the world cup will also have social impacts. Some of the social consequences may represent the increased cooperation between various stakeholders. In fact, the sporting activities are associated with building the collaboration and goodwill between different stakeholders (FIFA.com). Thus, the government and the host cities have an opportunity to unite for a common reason. Moreover, the activity brings together various players such as the sponsors, the media, and even the whole nation. Such collaboration usually lasts for a long time after the event. Therefore, various parties will come together to support other activities, which may arise in the future. The stakeholders or players, who have never had an avenue of interacting or sharing a platform, will benefit significantly from hosting of the world cup. In addition, this event can serve as an important avenue for restoring the destroyed relationships. Hosting such an event could represent a way of restoring and promoting unity among the stakeholders.

Moreover, increased civic pride and empowerment of the community represent another positive social merit. Various social groups will contribute and work together during the whole process. In addition, the individuals, who will be responsible for the planning and delivering the event, will also benefit from new skills they will gain. In total, hosting of the world cup will also significantly contribute to the building of the social capital among the Americans, who will participate.

Actually, the social events motivate people to come together and work towards a common goal. Therefore, such collaboration is a significant impact on the whole nation, since it creates a chance to break the existing barriers to participation. The groups, which were never given a chance to participate due to their vulnerability, get an excellent opportunity to take part. Such avenues also create a chance of high performance among the youths and women. Moreover, it creates a good chance of exposure.

Additionally, such events as the World Cup attract the best players in the world. Most of the Americans have never had a chance to see and interact with the high profile soccer players.  Through the hosting of the event, the nation will have a rare chance to interact with the best players, who attract a lot of attention (FIFA.com). The players serve as role models to the young people, who may have a soccer talent (FIFA.com).

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Although the nation is expected to benefit from positive publicity if it hosts the event successfully, the risks of negative publicity cannot be ignored. In fact, some nations, which have held major sporting events such as Olympics, have attracted negative publicity. For example, the Winter Olympics received negative publicity because of the high costs incurred and the corruption that prevailed. The visitors may spread negative information about the city. Actually, such a situation can deteriorate tourism activities in the city and the nation. However, the reputation of the city will depend on the existing infrastructure and facilities. If the facilities are characterized by an insufficient capacity, then the reputation of the city will suffer greatly. Every city has the weakness and some failures are inevitable, when hosting such a big scale event. The problem with hosting such an event represents the fact that the failures the city faces will be broadcasted to the whole world. Such a disclosure can promote a negative image of the city. Thus, the problems of the city can get worse after the hosting of the event.

The role of hosting the event cannot be ignored, as it promotes the culture of the city and the nation. If the USA manages to host the prestigious event successfully, it will represent a great opportunity for the Americans to display their culture. The visitors will get acquainted to the American culture that can lead to the spread of the American culture to other nations. In such a way, the culture of the nation will be extensively promoted.


In fact, hosting the world cup is a desire of every nation. Such developed nations as the USA and the UK are the highest bidders in the 2018 and 2022 world cup hosting. Actually,  bidding for the hosting of such an event has a lot of benefits and disadvantages. Some of the major advantages include the increased economic activities in such industries as transport, restaurant, and others. Moreover, the hosting of the event will present an opportunity to attract partners and sponsors. However, hosting such an event is very costly. What concerns social impacts, they could include the growth of the local culture. However, it may also promote negative publicity. In addition, the environmental impacts such as emission of carbon dioxide will arise.