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narrative essay

Being brought up in the urban areas, I have faced many challenges in life that have made me the person I am today. I am comfortable with everything that happens in my life, because I know it has a purpose. I value education as the key to success, because I know that if you are educated, you can find your place anywhere. I like politics, and I am interested in what is happening in every part of the world.

I believe in morality and good virtues. I think that morality is possible, and it should be the way of life. I am religious and believe in good virtues for life to be good. I hold the opinion that people should embrace one another in pure and genuine love. Where there is love, evil does not exist. I love other people regardless of their race or background. I think that I should not hate others because of whom they are. Hatred is one of the reasons of evil in the world. I also believe in the big bang day, when the rapture will come. This is the main reason behind my belief in morals and good virtues.

I would not like the big bang day to catch me unawares. Therefore, I do all that is right and moral to remain prepared for the rapture. I believe that if I do not love others but hate them with no reason, I will not be rewarded when the big bang day comes. In pursuit of this belief, I practice all that is right in the eyes of God. I follow His command to the letter since it helps me coexist peacefully with others. Following the God makes it simple for me to fulfil my belief in morality.

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I believe in physical and spiritual war and fighting for the right purpose. I believe that people ought to fight but not for sheer fun; they should fight with an objective and upholding morality. Engaging in war for the right reason is part of morality and good virtues that should lead the world. Without these, the world is a horrible place.

For me, to be moral and uphold good virtues is a must-do. I would not engage in anything amoral and that which will hurt others. Since I believe in love and no hatred whatsoever, I have an obligation to embrace others and be good. If I am amoral, I will neither be demonstrating love nor will be upholding the religious teachings. Religious teachings urge me to uphold good virtues at all cost. Therefore, unconditionally I have to be moral and upright in all my dealings.

My belief is intertwined with my faith. I cannot separate the two. For one to be complete, the other one must be present. That is, following the religious teachings, which is faith, helps me remain moral and upright. On the same note, being upright and moral is a demonstration of my faith and who I am.

I am a responsible person who does her work with no supervision. I enjoy life, because I know that it has no rehearsal. However, I always take care of the future, because I believe in tomorrow. I understand that no man can be an island in this world. Therefore, I am sociable and like making friends. During my free time, I make friends and socialize with my old friends. I also like playing golf and online games. This makes me happy and physically fit. I love eating fruits of all kinds and drinking water. However, I dislike insects of all kinds. I also do not like animals such as snails, frogs, and millipedes.

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