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My Life Goal

Diplomacy is one of the most well-known and prestigious professions in the world. However, it has both advantages and disadvantages. I like diplomacy because it can influence people in a positive way. Its mysteriousness attracts me. A diplomat is a person responsible for conducting negotiations and maintaining political relations with other countries (ABC of diplomacy, 2008). There have been many great individuals in the history of diplomacy such as Abba Eban, Allen Dulles, and my favorite statesman John Kerry. I always try to watch all Kerry’s speeches on TV and read articles about his work. John Kerry has been in the US Senate since 1984. He was a presidential nominee in 2004 but lost to George Bush. During Barack Obama’s presidency, he became the US Secretary of State. Nowadays, John Kerry is an influential political figure in the United States. His nomination was approved by a vote of 94 to 3. Currently, the major challenge faced by Kerry is the conflict between the government and rebels in Syria, and he tries to resolve it. In the United States, the Department of State is responsible for maintaining political relations with foreign governments, people, and organizations. It represents the Unites States overseas and negotiates as well as concludes agreements. It is also responsible for coordinating and supporting international activities. In many cases, the Department of State leads interagency coordination and controls the allocation of resources for foreign relations. Looking at Somalia, Ukraine, Pakistan, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq, and the Syrian Arab Republic, I realize that diplomacy could greatly improve the situation in these countries. I am very glad that the current educational system offers many courses in different fields. As I have always dreamt of becoming a diplomat like John Kerry, I have decided to choose political science as my major. This essay discusses my life goal and experiences that have helped me to determine what I want to accomplish in life.

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Diplomacy has existed almost since the beginning of the human race. In ancient times, the diplomat’s task was to deliver messages to the monarchs of other countries. Throughout its history, diplomacy has experienced both victories and defeats. Among the greatest diplomatic failures are the terroristic attacks on September 11, 2001. This event has influenced my life goal, and I have decided to become a diplomat in order not to let such terrible events happen again. Nowadays, there are still warring nations, and diplomats can do a lot to resolve and end conflicts between them. Being a political science major, I realize that some tragic events could have been avoided if diplomats had worked better.

There are certain characteristics common to many diplomats. Firstly, they are extremely responsible. Their main task is to represent, defend, and promote the public interests. They should always keep their promises and never let people down. Diplomats should duly perform their work and be positive role models for other individuals. I was also chosen as a leader several times and I always successfully performed my duties. I believe that my sense of responsibility will help me to become a good diplomat. Secondly, diplomats are individuals with the ability to express themselves; therefore, they are respected and admired by many people. Thirdly, I am an open-minded person and I think it is a very useful quality. Diplomats often meet different people and learn about their cultures. It is extremely important not to have racial or sexual prejudices and fairly treat all individuals. In addition, diplomats should always respect other people’s traditions and follow etiquette rules. Fourthly, diplomats are sociable; this means that they should have good listening and communication skills. I think that this quality is also important as it allows diplomats to get acquainted with new people. Fifthly, diplomats command respect earned through honesty and hard work. They should never betray people’s trust. Sixthly, all diplomats are willing to listen to the other party no matter how agitated they are. Lastly, being multilingual is a big advantage that allows diplomats to freely communicate with foreigners. I also plan to begin studying Chinese as soon as I possible. All in all, these are the main traits of character that every diplomat should possess. They help to earn respect and achieve success in the modern world.

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Diplomacy is divided into various subcategories. As a rule, diplomats perform many functions and have many responsibilities. They promote peace, deal with current issues, negotiate treaties, represent the US interests abroad, build as well as improve relations with other countries, give support to citizens traveling or living outside the U.S. They also protect the interests of US companies, make them aware of potential commercial opportunities, and provide all information they need. In addition, diplomats try to reduce corruption in the government. Throughout my life, I have met many ambitious people, and all of them want to try to become diplomats at some point in their lives.

In recent years, there have been some changes in diplomacy. Currently, there are modern means of communication, and it is very easy to access any information. Therefore, diplomats can make their decisions and conclusions after analyzing the necessary information from different sources.

To my mind, diplomacy affects both economic and political arenas. Being a diplomat is an extremely responsible task. This job involves dynamism and professionalism that are highly respected in the modern world. I believe that good diplomats should represent and safeguard the interests of common people. Today, the majority of nations is democratic; therefore, the diplomats’ task is to promote the welfare of all people and protect the national interests. Analyzing the military sphere, it may be concluded that it is closely intertwined with diplomacy. If there are some military actions in the country, diplomacy is highly affected. The citizens expect that diplomats will resolve the existing conflicts and prevent the future ones.

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To enjoy diplomacy as a career, a person should be interested in different cultures and like traveling. These are two inseparable elements of this profession. I love traveling and meeting new people. I believe that diplomacy will give me an opportunity to visit new countries. When I think of careers that allow moving, diplomacy is among them.

Like any other profession, diplomacy has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, this profession gives immunity that protects diplomats from local taxes and persecution. Moreover, the diplomats’ work is not boring as it allows them to travel to different places, meet various people, discover new cultures, and represent their country abroad. Diplomacy is the best profession for those who would like to explore the world. In addition, diplomats are very respectful people because they perform important functions in the country. On the other hand, being a diplomat is a very difficult job that involves many stresses and pressures. Firstly, all diplomats should have an ability to resolve conflicts. However, not many people possess this personality trait. Secondly, diplomats are involved in many conflicts and should be prepared to face confrontations. Such confrontations can often pose a danger to their lives. For example, there are popular uprisings in Syria. When the rebels are against the U.S., then any US individual on their way is in danger. They often send messages full of hatred and threats to US citizens in their countries. The task of diplomats is to improve such situations and resolve conflicts. Therefore, they go abroad and spend some time in a foreign country. In many cases, diplomats cannot choose the country that they will visit, which makes their lives very unstable. During their trips, diplomats have to leave their families in their native country. As a result, they may feel lonely and miss their families and friends. Diplomats should also learn the language and traditions of the country they visit. Some communities, like Indian, Asian, and African ones, have very old customs and strict etiquette, which may pose a challenge to diplomats. To overcome this challenge, diplomats should work hard and learn much new information. They should have a good education, learn new languages, and possess excellent writing skills. All in all, diplomacy is a very responsible profession that requires great talent, dedication, and ability to leave one’s home for a long time. However, despite all these difficulties, I want to become a diplomat to improve the lives of people and not to let tragic events happen again. I realize that I should work hard to fulfill my dream and dedicate all my free time to studying political science. I hope that one day I will become a good diplomat admired and respected by many US citizens.

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