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In 2004, the scientists had reported that young people tend to spend nearly 6:20 hours per day using different types of media, and almost 8:30 hours of using media simultaneously while doing some kind of household chores (Heim et al., 2007). After such statistics were revealed it seemed, at some point, that people’s lives are filled with media to the bursting point. Moreover, the number of these hours has been sufficiently increasing during the last five years, by an hour daily, to be more precise. After the short research that was made by me during the last week, I found out that I spend more time using a media than I could actually reckon. Even though the media is frequently viewed as a way of entertainment and has already become an irreplaceable tool in educating. However, media has become very time-consuming.  


After running a media journal for a week, I found out that most of the time I use a computer. With the development of various applications and games, especially different social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – the hours I spend using the computer have reached three hours per day. Computer gaming is also an activity that takes some time during my routine day. On average, I spend one hour per day playing computer games. I also like watching TV shows on YouTube channels. It usually takes from one to two hours per day, depending on the amount of spare time I have. Moreover, when there is a need to find out some information for studying, I would rather search it in the Internet, than go to the library. That adds one more hour to the whole amount of time I am using the computer. Nowadays, the laptop has become not only an indispensable part in an entertaining but also an irreplaceable tool in educating and informing people. Besides, during my research, I have noticed that I tend to be engaged in multitasking, while working with computer. The notebook showed that I download music, surf the internet and watch online TV show simultaneously. Indeed, the computer has become the epicenter of multitasking.

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Video Games, Music, Audio, and Movies

As far as video games are concerned, my personal observations showed that I do not play games frequently. Although playing games seems to be very popular among young people, the average time I devote to gaming is relatively low, in comparison to time spend with the computer. However, I jotted down, that I play games on my phone on my way to college and back. It takes 30 minutes per day, which is more than two hours per week. This amount strikes me most of all.

Listening to the music continues to be the second most popular media after using the computer (Tsukayama 2015). The development of the technology – a development of MP3 players and iPods – sufficiently increased the amount of time young people spend listening to the music (Tsukayama 2015). As far as I am concerned, I listen to the music approximately two or three hours per day. Usually, I combine listening to the music with other activities, such as reading, gaming, or doing homework.

Movies are not as popular as other media types previously discussed. However, they usually take more time. This week I went to the movies once and watched one movie at home. Altogether, it added 4:30 hours to my weekly usage of media resources. The survey showed that I like watching TV shows on YouTube more than I like watching films.

Mobile Phone

The usage of mobile phones deserved a separate paragraph, because the usage of this media tool has been increasing and it reached almost nine or ten hours per day. This device has come to a widespread use not so long ago, but turned out to be the primary delivery system for music (iTunes or radio) and gaming (applications from App Store) (Heim et al., 2007). I counted that I check my phone not less than 23 times per day. Most of the time, I check the social networks. The mobile phone has an access to the Internet and the notifications about the recent activities are received immediately. Thus, during the whole day, I am exposed to different types of media.

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The story of using the media by youth stems from technology increased consumption. Today, it is difficult to meet an average teenager without a phone or MP3 player in their pockets. Being raised in the century of the online media revolution, I am not an exception. The technologies have become available wherever and whenever we want, so there is no need to sit in front of the TV to expose yourself to the media. It is available on cell phones, laptops, smart watches, and tablets. Such a variety of media tools has sufficiently increased the number of hours I spend using the media.

I did not expect that I use the media so often. When running a notebook, I found out that mobile phone and computer continue to dominate in my daily media usage. Also, watching shows and other programs is very time-consuming and takes me one or two hours a day, which is approximately eight hours per week. Moreover, if to add the time spent in the cinema, it takes almost thirteen hours. This time might be used for reading some useful information or doing some physical activities. Moreover, I have to turn off the mobile Internet, at least for two or three hours per day, and use this time to be alone with my thoughts. The media has already interfered our life and rooted in it even more than anybody can imagine. There is no need to refuse from using the media in everyday life. However, it is necessary to learn to use it wisely.