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Healthcare Management

Readiness of the Hospital in Managing health concerns in the next decade

HCA organization, which was set up in the year 1968, is among the pioneers in service provision within the health sector (“About Our Company”, 2015). The organization started operating from Nashville during its inception (“About Our Company”, 2015). However, the organization has witnessed tremendous growth and at the present, HCA has 165 hospitals, 115 freestanding surgery points (“About Our Company”, 2015). The organization is evenly spread since it has its network in approximately over 20 states (“About Our Company”, 2015). HCA reveals that the organization has a workforce that is estimated to be around 204, 000 workers (“About Our Company”, 2015). Statistics indicate that in all patients existing within a particular period in the United States, four to five percent of these patients prefer HCA healthcare (“About Our Company”, 2015). It is indicated that in every fiscal year the organization invests an approximate of $1.5 billion in the improvement of the facilities in order to offer quality services (“About Our Company”, 2015). Most of these funds are diverted towards the acquisition of new technology and to maintenance and improvement of the existing forms of technology so that they respond to the ever-changing customer demands. The organization has an admirable rapport with physicians and this has helped the organization to a wider pool of physicians to attend to the needs of the sick.

The organization has invested in its staff and it is among health organizations that have an effective workforce (“About Our Company”, 2015). One of the principles of the workforce in this health organization is that every employee is involved in the running of day-to-day activities within the organization. The organization has achieved this culture through various approaches. Firstly, the organization has ensured that every employee has a close relationship with the outcome of any treatment on any patient. There are organizations that the aspect of division of labor makes other employees stick to a strict working pattern regardless of any emerging situation. Furthermore, the organization has initiatives that help the nurses to acquire skills that help them to understand the process of giving both emotional and psychological treatment to patients.

Although the organization has superb facilities that can enable it to handle future medical requirements among American society, it is important for the organization to develop a strategic that will strengthen them against unexpected healthcare demands in this society. The strategic plan is important since it will help the organization in making budgets. The organization will identify sectors that require reinforcement or those require an overhaul to make it meet future unexpected healthcare events.

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Strategic Plan

Network Growth

Due to population growth, there will be increase of patients who seek medical attention. Therefore, this therefore means that the organization will have to consider expansion processes. One of the best ways to expand so that it is in a position to cater for this increasing population is the need to build more centers. Construction of centers is an expensive process because it will need to develop buildings and the organization will have to buy more equipment (Orszag & Emanuel, 2010). This strategic plan embraces the principle of cost effectiveness. Considering that the organization is among the most preferred providers of health services, it is advisable for the organization to seek partnership with smaller service providers. Under the partnership, the organization should ensure that it franchises its brand to the small health providers. However, these small health providers should be willing to operate under the exact similar conditions and practices that the HCA health organization encompasses as part of their culture. The small health providers in the agreement should agree to provide premises that will house the new arrangement as indicated in the agreement.  The benefit of this approach is that it reduces the logistics involved in the construction of new premises. Funding of construction is expensive and, therefore, this could scare the directors of the company from this expansion process.

Nurse Staffing

Staffing in preparation for unpredictable organizational situations is challenging since within the healthcare sector, there could be outbreaks due to new forms of disease causing organisms. Weinstein and Skinner (2010) reveal that in most cases, nursing schools have concentrated on training the nurses on traditional diseases and their corresponding treatment. This situation affects an organization in regard of creating a staff that is equally ready for unpredictable future events. This strategic plan will use talent management in planning. Under talent management, Weinstein and Skinner (2010) argue that an organization should concentrate on training its staff to reduce cases of redundancy. The organization could concentrate on increasing the size of its staff when in actual sense the organization creates a bloated workforce. The proposal of this strategy is that the organization should consider retraining its staff so that they reflect the current demands within the field of health service. One of the approaches that will be essential in determining the relevant forms of training that the organization should give its employees is through research (Koh & Tan, 2011). This strategic plan recommends robust research initiatives that will be effective in predicting future disease trends.

Resource Management

Managing increasing resources is not an easy task for the organization because the core objective of the organization is to ensure that there is adequate provision of health services. Therefore, it is an additional task for the organization, and this could lead to a case where the management concentrates on the management of resources at the expense of offering health services. Orszag and Emanuel (2010) indicate that the use of services search as asset management is a modern way through which expanding organizations reduce conflict between core organizational objectives and the supportive factors. The strategic plan indicates that the organization should consider recruiting a third party that has knowledge on resource management. The plan finds this approach to be effective because the management of the health organization will concentrate on the core objectives. This is important because increased attention will enable the organization to be more prepared for future challenges. Porter (2010) also indicates that third party asset management reduces liability on the health organization management because in most agreements, the third party asset management is supposed to ensure that there is minimal damage on the assets.

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Patient Management

Patients are important in a health organization. Atkins et al. (2011) indicate that in this case they are similar to clients to a business. Therefore, this plan recognizes the level at which the organization should manage its patients. Atkins et al. (2011) state that in future, medical cost is likely to escalate beyond the ability of the patients. One of the principles that this strategy encompasses is that all human beings are entitled to health services. Therefore, it is important that as a society people should concentrate on protecting the lack of medical attention because of high medical costs. This strategic plan suggests that the management of this health organization should consider creating an insurance scheme where people are covered for certain ailments such as chronic and terminal diseases. This is meant to reduce the frustration that most patients go through private insurance schemes. On the other hand, the program will reduce some of the bureaucracies that are involved in situations where certain medical centers refuse to admit patients covered by certain medical schemes. One of the challenges that arise in such a case where patients are covered by private insurance schemes is that the health organization has to liaise with the provider of the insurance cover. These bureaucracies have led to patient frustration.


HCA Healthcare organization is among the top organizations in the United States that offer medical health. The indication here is that the organization is a major stakeholder in the United States. Therefore, HCA is among organizations that should have strategic plans that will help in offering solutions to health concerns to the United States. There are several factors that have led to the sterling performance of the organization within the health sector. The organization has an efficient working force that has helped to attend to client expectations with a lot of consideration. The organization has vast resources that include modern technology that helps in the management of patient concerns. However, with the continuing increase of the number of people and the threat for emergence of dangerous diseases, there is the need for the organization to develop a strategic plan. The plan will involve improving the network growth, good patient management practices, resource management, and staffing.