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Health Care Programs in Staten Island

Every community has a paramount need for health and wellness programs for the people. Lack or inadequacy of health programs leads to the risk of disease pandemics and reduced productivity among the people. Thus, it is important to have health care centers, Medicare and Medicaid centers, fitness centers, information and advisory centers among others. Indeed, the study carried out on Staten Island has proved that a well-established and properly managed program needs to be set up, while the current facilities have to be upgraded. Based on the research on the island, the paper focuses on the existing health and fitness programs and services and makes recommendations on how the facilities and programs can be improved and be supported by the potential partners.

Background on Health, Wellness, and Fitness

The topic of health and fitness is rather delicate and needs a great insight and professionalism when being addressed. It is the duty of every government, institution, and community to ensure that people are taken care of regarding their health and fitness. The provisions that any administration and partners should offer entail proper housing, strategies of pollution control, education on correct dietary practice, and public sensitization on the importance of physical fitness among others. Research shows that when a nation and community is in a healthy state, and all precautions are taken, people are more productive. Consequently, a healthy nation is a wealthy and fruitful society (Oxenburgh, Marlow, & Oxenburgh, 2004). Therefore, public health and fitness is an issue that to be handled in the first place, which means that there should always be an equitable and readily available program on health and fitness.

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Problem Statement

Firstly, the research conducted indicate that Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC) alongside the Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH) contribute to offering medical services to the people of Staten Island (Staten Island Advance, 2012). The statistics of the same research further indicate that there are only two private hospitals providing health care programs on the island. The research data points out that the two private hospitals serve for more than 50% of the people, offering them medical care, and the region has only three qualified and fully registered Medical Centres (Staten Island Advance, 2012). Thus, the distribution of the medical care facilities appears to be insufficient to cater for the community’s needs. It further implies that the personnel are also inadequate. The state of the health care settings poses a significant threat to their ability to adequately sustain the demand for health care services.

Secondly, the research points out that about 21% of the entire Staten Island population engage in smoking. At the same time, about 24% of the Staten Island student population drink alcohol regularly. Thirdly, 378 people out of 10000 in the Staten Island experience heart-related diseases which lead to death. Similarly, cancer also plagues the island: between 2005 and 2009, 6,456 cases of cancer were reported. The pandemic continues to claim lives in the island, indicating that medical care facilities are always overwhelmed by the patients.

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The policy on health care, wellness, and fitness needs a technical review and healthier approaches to be put in place. The human concept of the developmental pillar should be in line with the national and county level healthcare guidelines. The national healthcare policy should point out precisely the areas that call for revision in the sphere of health care, wellness, and fitness programs on the island. The foundation should focus on encouraging people to have a healthy lifestyle, promote public health plans, and ensure a sustainable provision that will promote the community-oriented healthcare system as a step to successful, integrated and harmonized healthcare system. Qatar’s national health strategy also came up with a health, wellness, and fitness program that they implemented as a part of the Vision 2030 plan. The government through the Ministry of Health and Public Safety engaged several organizations, such as the primary health care Corporation and Hamad Medicaid Corporation, in piloting and executing the program (“National Health Strategy,” n.d.). Therefore, the Staten Island can also conceive a program that can be used to affluence the medical and health care facilities and programs in the region.

First, the Staten Island administration should increase the number of public healthcare services. The current available public facilities include Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC) alongside the Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH). Increasing the number of the facilities will ensure that they will not only be able to sustain the population, but also will be equally distributed in the region. Since over 50% of the island population resides in the North Shore and Mid-Island, the areas need to have a greater number of amenities. An increment in government hospitals and healthcare facilities will promote more patient numbers in the amenities.

Secondly, upgrading and equipping the current health care settings is also vital. The move will ensure that the government hospitals and health facilities in the region are adequately prepared and more responsive when it comes to medical problems and situations. The decision will further allow to accommodate more patients in the health care facilities (Pan American Health Organization, 2000). Additionally, the undertaking will ensure that congestion in the existing hospitals and healthcare centers is reduced. This factor is very important, as congestion in healthcare centers is known to lead to patients receiving inadequate medical care, as the medical attendants become overwhelmed and their performance and ability to monitor the patients is detrimentally affected.

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Furthermore, the number of medical attendants and doctors needs to be increased. With the current trend where populations continue to rise drastically, the patient influx in the hospitals and medical centers increases. A report presented in Europe indicated that the number of patients was continuously increasing by day, hence following the rule of demand and supply. The number of patients, mostly those requiring a special consultation on issues such as cancer and heart diseases, was rising (Randers, 2012). In the Staten Island, the hospitals and number of medics is rather low, hence the need to increase the supply of doctors and nurses. Indonesia is also adopting the policy of increasing the number of physicians in the suburb areas annually in order to improve the patient treatment range.

Another major method that can be employed to enhance the wellness and fitness program is changing the treatment approach, focusing on preventative measures more. Socially, prevention has always proved to be better than cure. When people are trained to keep themselves from contracting diseases, they become less likely to get unwell. The Staten Island community can also be taught to seek the counsel of medical practitioners immediately after they feel ill. When they report to health facilities in a timely manner, then treatment is offered promptly. Therefore, the spread of the disease is stopped and controlled properly (“National Health Strategy,” n.d.). The approach of engaging the communities directly in monitoring their health can be integrated into the primary health care approach. With time, fewer people will need specialized hospital services.

Similarly, the national and local administrations need to ensure that medical care and fitness programs are affordable for people. This will ensure that no citizen will fail to seek medical and wellness program on the ground of the latter being expensive or unaffordable. On the other hand, the administration through the Ministry of Health and Public Safety should ensure that the private medical and healthcare facilities offer their services at cost-friendly rates. Such regulation will allow the citizens to choose medical providers not based on their financial capacity, but based on their fitness and preferences. Moreover, the control of hospital money brings a state of equity and friendliness on the side of the patients. Additionally, medical insurance schemes should be made mandatorily. Such a policy will ensure that patients are financially safe during the treatment. Hence, the medical expenses become manageable. The esearch indicates that the insured patients tend to seek medical attention promptly as compared to those who are not insured (Paolucci, 2011).

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Moreover, research in medical and physical wellness needs to be taken seriously. High quality and result-based studies on the regulation of the state and the Island should be carried out. The research should aim at presenting its results for healthcare providers and healthcare seekers. The move will ensure that both parties become aware of the people’s and state expectations regarding the health and wellness programs. Also, the research should bring together all the health partners and organizations (Paolucci, 2011). With merging the healthcare and fitness partners, the possibility to establish a healthy population becomes a reality much faster than when each department works alone. For example, Qatar proves to be one of the nations that have adopted a partner-based research, which has been seen to work efficiently. Therefore, if the Staten Island is to choose the method which would allow to increase the potential in medical care handling.

Additionally, the transport system to and from the island is inadequate due to the fact that the island is water locked. The condition poses a great threat, especially when it comes to transporting patients to another healthcare facility on the island. The residents of the island mostly rely on the ferry to carry them across (Staten Island Advance, 2012). Thus, the connectivity and public transport needs to be improved: an MTA subway to and from the island needs to construct and implemented.

In conclusion, the issue of health, wellness and fitness is a very contentious topic. Wellness and fitness programs can be used to ensure that people remain in good health. Lots of research has been done and recommendations provided which can be pivotal in promoting the health and wellness and fitness programs. For the Island of Staten, the administration needs to be extra vibrant and up to the task when it comes to implementing the various strategies proposed. The move will ensure that the current predicaments in the health and wellness and fitness issues are resolved well and in a timely manner.

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