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Becoming successful in the world is all that matters to everyone. Many individuals feel like they are adrift in the universe. They toil hard, but do not seem to reach anywhere worthwhile. Setting a goal is a powerful procedure for reasoning about a person’s ideal expectations, and for inspiring someone to turn their vision of this universe into reality. Setting goals helps people to choose where they want to go in life. By realizing what one wants to achieve, a person understands on which areas to concentrate the efforts. An individual is also capable of spotting the distractions that can lead one astray. Goal setting is utilized by successful business-individuals, achievers in all fields and top level athletes. It offers someone a short-time motivation and long-term vision. It focuses on one’s acquisition of knowledge, and assists people to organize their time and resources so as to make the very best of their lives. Through setting defined, sharp goals, a person can determine and take delight in the attainment of those goals. It helps an individual to see the forward progress in what might have seemed a long pointless grind in the past. It also raises one’s self-confidence, as individuals recognize their own competence and ability to achieve the goals they have set. This document will explore the ways to help the players achieve their goals of becoming club champions of their own. It will also address a program set to help these players achieve their goals (Simon, 1996). 

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Vincent is a 32-year-old man who works as a CPA lecturer. Apart from his job he likes sports with passion. He has participated in various occasions, in the past as a golf player and has a goal to achieve. Vincent would like to own a club and become the club champion. He has had curricula in the previous years but not for many years. Attaining this aspiration is not an easy job for him. It is because he uses most of his hours in CPA work. However, at my personal level, I would give him some advices that will enable him to achieve his goal. Being determined is one of the recommendations I would give to him. For a student or player to reach their goal, one needs to be determined. In most cases sport is a hard task to do. It needs time, commitment and sacrifice.  However, an individual who is decisive has a resolution of purpose and the steadfastness to acquire their goals. Determination allows one to achieve what they have set out to do. It permits an individual to reap the merits of their achievement. When people are determined, everyone will usually have a positive opinion about them. Being strong-willed and stable to obtain a goal is as admired as having a good character. Therefore, I would urge this player to stay focused and he will acquire his success and achievements through determination. 

Some individuals give up too fast. A person might have an aspiration to do something. However, the goal that one has set may be a bit challenging on the way to achievement. People opt to quit acquiring their goals when the task seems harder than a person would think. When one weighs the work that they are required to do and the desire to obtain their goal, they decide to quit. I would urge Vincent not to quit from acquiring his goals. In his case, it would be difficult to attend the CPA job and have time for becoming a club champion. However, I would encourage him not to give up on his way since the road to success is difficult and it requires sacrifice. 

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Having a game plan is an issue to address if one wants to achieve their goals in life. Everyone has the ability to set goals, but not all people attain them. I would encourage Vincent to have a game plan of his daily chores so as to achieve his goal. He may be having lots of issues with his work at the CPA department, but still achieve his goals. Determining how to set the priorities and which place to attend first will assist him in attaining his desire to be a club champion. It is because there will be proper management of his schedule and Vincent will not miss a single thing that would make life worthwhile. 

Creating support groups is another advice I would offer the player. It is an important factor when working towards attaining a certain goal. As much as individuals would like to have beliefs that they have super human powers, everyone needs support in order to attain the set goals that we all have in life. It is true especially when we are trying to achieve something and we are too preoccupied with other things. Managing a club and becoming a champion with other responsibilities to hold is a bit challenging. However, with the support from friends, family members and work colleagues, it becomes easier. Therefore, I would urge Vincent to talk with the people who are dear to him  about the goal that he has set for himself and request for their support. By doing so, the support group will bolster him up when his own power is wavering, thus, benefiting him towards attaining his goals.

Another thing that I would help Vincent with is by encouraging him to stay positive about his set goals.  People usually quit when they miss the target date set to attain their goals or when they fail to follow their game plan perfectly. As a result, people get discouraged to the extent of trying to stop achieving their goals. I would encourage Vincent to do everything in his power not to give into despondency and feeling like he is inferior. Sometimes falling to achieve something out of hard work makes people lose morale. It is an enemy that creates stoppages from attaining success in many peoples life. I would encourage the player to always acknowledge the fails that he encounters in achieving his goal and move ahead. When people dwell much in their perceived inaccuracy, it hinders them from achieving the goal. Therefore, it is not good to stop after one mistake done but rather it is good to move on and give it another trial.

Distraction is another issue that affects people from acquiring their goals. All people are willing to set goals in life and acquire them. However, it prevents them from achieving what they want. Busy people usually get distracted from getting what they have set in their lives. They have tight schedules that they have to follow and most of their time is spent on daily tasks, thus their fail. To achieve the goal of being a club champion, one needs commitment and concentration to avoid diversion of the mind. In Vincent’s case, he has a lot of work to do like his job at the CPA which consumes most of his time. There is much distraction in life and if people stop addressing each one, they will never get the energy and time to obtain their intended goals. I would encourage Vincent to avoid the manacles as many times as he can so as to attain his goals in life. When people set goals, they should be resolute and determined to accomplish them. 

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Sacrificing is another advice I would offer to the player. To become a club champion, one must be willing to sacrifice his interests (DeVenzio, 2006). Bearing in mind that Vincent has a job as a CPA, he requires sacrificing much of his time to acquiring his set goal. He may sacrifice the free time to learning, and sometimes even his friends have to ensure him that he does not fail his schedule. To become a champion, an individual should be willing to pay a greater price to attain it. Sacrifices are necessary for they help people plan their success. I would, therefore, urge Vincent to sacrifice much of his interests so as to acquire the success in his set goals. 

Not keeping the set goals simple is another issue preventing many people from attaining them. I would encourage Vincent to keep his plans simple, realistic and achievable. Sometimes people set goals that are too complex for them and thus end up with nothing.  If individuals set realistic goals, they create an environment of excellence that continues to build. It is not good to set something that people are sure they will never be able to attain. Several attainable, small goals turn into one great achievement. I would, therefore, encourage Vincent to make sure that his set goal is an achievable one and that he considers it possible. 

Reminders are other essential tools that promote people to create their goals. They tend to miscarry because of the failure to place reminders that would bring to mind their goals. I would advise the player to paste and place a reminder of the goals he wants to achieve. Becoming a club champion requires a lot of practice. Without reminders, one is likely to forget their goals and become distracted by other plans. Therefore, it would be an appropriate thing to do to have reminders about the schedule plan and promote in achieving the goals. I would also encourage Vincent to set daily action plans with actionable tasks. Having a program enables a person to sustain the desire and motivation to attain their goals. It ensures that an individual does not give up halfway through the way to success and fall backwards on the rear end (Blake, 2005). I would encourage the player to create actionable and real plans that he will follow every day in order to attain his goal. I would also encourage him to brainstorm his tasks every morning before anything else that will help him get closer to his goals and write them down. Creating small, actionable goals every morning and accomplishing them before one gets to bed is a good practice that enables many people attain their goals in life. Making these goals a priority and fixing them in one’s schedule is another issue that brings achievement. Whether an individual completes the goals or fails to make a huge difference, whether one will succeed or not, I would thus encourage Vincent to set goals that he is sure to accomplish before the end of the day. 

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Player Development Program

A complete training program takes a little planning. Nevertheless, the paybacks are worth the sweat. A golf training program has to meet individual specific needs. Training time for the players is limited. Nevertheless, Vincent should set aside at least 40 hours of training every week. The student also has a goal of maximizing the time he has at his disposal. When he does this, he cannot fail to improve. Any applicable training administration should be set on the back of a firm fitness assessment. The student should visit the fitness testing unit of the site. He will find all the tests that he can perform with little or without special equipment. Vincent should spend one or two afternoons fostering a profile of his golf abilities and write down the results (Gambordella, 1998). A golf training program should last at least 11 months. For the players who are more ambitious, the system of periodization should be incorporated with all the elements of training without overtraining. It occurs when the training program is divided into three phases. The phases are: Pre-season phase that takes 6 months, In-season phase that takes 4 months, and Transition phase that takes 1-2 months.

Within the training time, the player needs to cover a number of issues. The programs of this training section involve: physical assessment, flexibility, strength or power training and core strength. However, agility, skills, nutrition, vision training, and sports psychology or focus training are very important.

Every training section will follow a set schedule as follows;


Time in minutes

Key Points 


5 minutes prior session start

  • Examine the area to make sure it is safe for playing.
  • Set up the program in advance of student arrival
  • student check in

Warm Up


  • The main aim is to maximize the concentration with training
  • Vibrant activity to prepare body and brain for training program

Main Activity

1 hour 30 minutes

  • Emphases on one major idea per session
  • Technical presentation to skill mastery
  • Introducing Techniques

Conditioned Play

15 minutes

  • Short time group play
  • Application of skill
  • Directional actions featuring element of transition with a number of playing tactics


20 minutes 

  • Session finales with a spirited scrimmage
  • Reduced instructor’s interactions to inspire specific learning through practice


20 minutes

  • Review of learned topic
  • Psychological preparedness
  • Players check out

Achieving own goals requires self-trust and psychological preparedness. For this reason, it is important to always offer psychological lessons to the student. It is essential to prepare him for success (Vitello, 2008).