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Donald Trump’s Influence

The US Presidential elections 2016 broke the world news with unexpected results. There were lots of discussions, polls, and interviews before the elections with many doubts about the campaign of the Republican Party’s candidate Donald Trump. A person without political background who expresses such antidemocratic policies and who is involved in many scandals – many people could not imagine him becoming a President and considered it a bad joke. However, reality proved that everything is possible in this world. In November 2016, Donald Trump was elected as a President of the United States for the next 4 years. During his campaign, he was strongly supported by Ku Klux Klan, he insulted Mexicans, Muslims, African-Americans and declared America to be the country for white people. Therefore, now American society is going to survive hard times of flowering discrimination caused and supported by the current President Donald Trump.

Jeman A. Matari, who is a cofounder of the website MissMusslim, expressed her great sorrow and disappointment regarding the Donald Trump’s victory. Emotional letter to New York Times editorial states, “The America I was raised to know and love builds bridges — not walls. It welcomes the tired, poor and huddled masses with open arms of hope and the promise of a better tomorrow; it doesn’t shut them out and deny them a fair chance at life” (Matari, 2016)

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She accepts Trump’s victory as a betrayal of human rights principals America was famous for. She experiences fear and uncertainty about future but at the same time she hopes that Islamophobia will not flourish in this country as it has always been the country of immigrants. The key point is to struggle with racism, sexism, and hate instead of spreading it. I agree with the author of this article that America has always been promoting freedom, equality, human rights and never created walls between people. That is why we love our country so much; that is why it is the country of possibilities, where everyone can achieve American dream despite ethnical or religious or sexual background. The results of elections put a big question mark on the values developed through centuries. They showed that many people started neglecting such values and disrespecting differences in their environment.

 Such multinational country as the USA will interfere a huge problem with the President  who calls Mexicans “criminals” and is going to make a wall on the border as they are “the most unwanted people”. Tina Vasquez who lived in Los Angeles for 30 years reports in her article her observations how just campaign of the current president has already brainwashed the citizens. She describes the situations with strangers asking her if she speaks English or if she is illegal, or neighbors of her family unexpectedly having inquiries about their citizenship status after 15 years of friendship (Vasquez, 2016). Though such situations almost never happened before, now they are constant. It means that people started to change their minds under the influence of racist propaganda. They started to feel frightened which may lead to violent consequences.

In his article “How Trump Exposed America’s White Identity Crisis”, Issak J. Baylei also expresses his opinion on the racist issues the elections discovered. Being “black man living in South Carolina who’s voted for plenty of Republicans”, he acknowledges that America always had issues with black people and racism lived inside many people for centuries. The hate to the black people stayed in the shadows for some time; however, Trump’s extremist quotations and acts took off the mask. His victory proved that many white Americans still cannot share the space with people who look different and have a huge intolerance flourished through the centuries. According to the data he investigated, not only poor white workers supported Trump, but also well paid and educated. It expresses a white identity of the American crisis in its ugly form (Baylei, 2016).

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Speaking about other forms of discrimination, we should also admit issues with LGBT, as a new President frequently pointed out he is not supporting same-sex marriages. He is also against crucial values of LGBT movement in terms of sexual bullying but supports discrimination on the governmental level which is not appropriate. On his campaign website, Trump declared that marriage must be a union of one man and one woman; thus, homosexual relationships should not be accepted in American society anymore. The struggle of minorities for equality had some positive results already; however, Trump’s policy can roll back it further than before and disregard all the achievements of the fight for freedom of human rights in sexual preferences.

Southern Poverty Law Center conducted the survey on the impact or Presidential campaign in children in schools. The results are terrifying. Around two third of teachers among 2000 participants admitted that most of students are either Muslims, immigrants or children of immigrants, and they are very scared to be deported and separated from their families. More than half of teacher observed increase of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant attitude. Children raise the question whether they will be sent to Africa or separated by a wall. They are bringing birth certificates to schools as they are afraid of deportation. The situation causes much stress for a little kid and can harm his or her psychological state. Campaign provoked a lot of bullying. For instance, a teacher in Montana “reports that a fifth-grader told a Muslim student “that he was supporting Donald Trump because he was going to kill all of the Muslims if he became president!” (Southern Poverty Law Center, 2016). The appeal to a Muslim children as  terrorists, ISIS members, or bombers increased abnormally. Now, just think that it is our future generation. At this very moment, their values and core principles are being in the process of establishment. When they grow up, the antidemocratic views will become only stronger. This is the effect of Trump’s political campaign.

The future of American society is very doubtful with Donald Trump as a President. If he follows his campaign in his governmental career, the country may become like a fascist Germany. For a long time, America has been an example of valuing every individuality and race, supporting equality, and freedom; actually, it was the country made by immigrants. Matari mentioned this in her letter, and I totally support her in this opinion. We were welcoming people who were seeking for a chance in life. The eccentric campaign and final election of Trump collapsed values of democratic American society, opened wide gates to discrimination, racist mentality, and dictatorship. History already knows the consequences of crazy intolerant ideas that turned into wars and genocides. I hope that our country will not encounter such destiny; instead, we have to be reasonable and struggle with disorientation caused by media. Immigrants do not bring harm to the society when they work, pay taxes, and respect people around. Not all Muslims are terrorists, not all Mexicans are criminals, and not all Afro-Americans are or should be on the lowest social level.

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I agree with Matari that America is much better than we showed to the world with electing Donald Trump. Through the years, we developed democratic values, defended children, women, minorities, and now I am also very sad and concerned what will happen further. As we can see, there are already lots of negative opinions about Trump’s impact on the society, and it is only at the start of his political career. I would like to live in a free country where everyone feels safe and protected both in social and economic sense. He promised to make America a country for Americans. We all, who live in the USA, are Americans, and I completely support Matari in a claim that we should exclude all the discrimination despite the Presidential views or campaigns as we live in the country of freedom, equality, and human rights.