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cyber bullying

Cyber bullying happens when people torture each other through electronic technologies. These technologies are cell phones, tablets, and computers. Through these devices, cyber bullying is spread into social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites.

Bill Belsey was the first who gave the definition of cyber bulling. He defined it as “the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others”(US Legal).

Surely, cell phones and computers are not to be blamed for cyber bullying. These are people who use them to hurt the others. A lot of websites are made to help people in communication, studying, and entertainment. Any kind of bullying is offending, whether it is done personally or not. There is only a small list of effects that cyber bullying can cause, especially in early years. They involve becoming addicted to alcohol and drugs, skipping school or work, lower self-esteem, increasing health problems, etc. Cyber bullying is usually a “privilege” of teenagers. As it is known, most of them pass a lot of their time using cell phones and computers. However, this innocent fun can turn into a serious problem.

How to Recognize Cyber Bullying?

Usually, some youth who cyber bully try to pretend that they are other people online for their trickery. Such an imagining brings lies and gossips about their future sufferers. These thoughts bring them to invent unbelievable “jokes”: mean text messages, photoshopped pictures of their “targets”, revealing personal information, etc. 81 per cent of teenagers think that such activities are funny or just say it is not a big deal. However, most of them do not understand the circumstances clearly.

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Cyber bullying is the thing to be paid attention to. In 2011, The National Crime Prevention Council reported that cyber bullying is a problem of almost a half of American children (NCPC.org). According to the i-SAFE foundation’s researches, more than a half of youngsters were the bullied ones, and the same number were the ones who bullied; one of three persons were under cyber pressures online. According to the Internet and cell phones statistics, over 25 per cent of youths have been bullied continually; about a half of bullied children do not tell their parents about such an accident (bullying statistics). One more statistical data, gathered with the surveys of Cyberbullying Research Center, show that harmful, mean, hurting comments, and spreading gossips are the most common types of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is not the thing to harm people of definite race, religion, culture, etc. Everyone can be cyber bullied.

Cyber Bullying Cannot be Easily Forgot

It is one of the reasons to commit a suicide. In 2003, there was a horrific story of Ryan Halligan, who committed suicide at the age of 13. The boy was relentlessly bullied at school and through the Internet. His father shared Ryan’s story in more than a hundred schools. Another 17-year-old girl, Alexis Pilkington, committed a suicide after s continuous cyber bullying. She was a popular and well-liked athlete, who has already landed a scholarship to college. However, none of this could stop nasty online comments. What is more, it did not stop even after her death. Her father said that cyber bullying was one of the reasons why she dared to put an end to herself, but the major or minor one (Salazar). These are only two victims. There are lots of others all over the world. Something should be done every day. Everyone is responsible for the future.

Robin M. Kowalski, a social psychologist at Clementon University, said that cyber bullying has been shown to be the reason of higher depression and anxiety levels of victims than traditional bullying. Anonymity is a good thing to cause even more unpleasant thought than in the case when a person knows the enemy personally. Psychologists are only a subtle link between the problem and the ones who have this problem. Unfortunately, as it was said above, most of children and teens prefer to hide their problems from others. What is more, only their death can set the mechanism of resistance in motion.

Is there any legitimate ways to prevent cyber bullying or to overcome its circumstances?

Should cyber bullying be a criminal offence? In the USA, 44 states had laws concerning bullying, and 30 of these states include cyber bullying in their laws. However, these laws direct school districts to improve harassment and bullying policy. It is impossible to be sure that it is somebody from school who sends mean messages or posts disgusting images. The Internet is a perfect thing to commit a crime and remain unnoticed. Bullying is a crime in this or that manner. Everybody knows about moral damage and should go to the court and ask for moral compensation. Cyber bullying is the thing that brings this moral damage. However, a person cannot go to court and make complaints of the Internet provider, social network, or telephone company. All of them are just sources for cyber bullying, not the reasons. In the UK, there is a strict law for an Internet service provider to be responsible for the content of posted sites. Actually, it is a moot point. Something that is harassing for one could be acceptable for the others and vice versa.

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It is important that relatives and friends play a role in stopping cyber bullying. Researches show not all the data; there are a lot of hidden facts. People are just afraid of a new wave of bullying after quizzes. Everyone should have somebody he or she can come to and get an advice. It is better to give as little personal information online as possible. A name, an innocent photo, or any frank confession could be a weapon in cyber bullies’ hands. A person can stay silent and be called a loser for disability to fight. In the same case, a person can fight and again be called a loser for “the truth” he or she is afraid of. Cyber bullies do not see any bounds.

Luckily, nowadays, a lot of famous people stand against cyber bullying: Disney Channek, Leona Lewis, Shayne Ward, Demi Lovato, Paris Jackson, Josh Sussman, and many others. All of them were cyber bullied this or that way. The best way to react, as Demi Lovato says, is just to say one time “Who cares”. Surely, not everyone is able to withstand it, and not everyone can address somebody for help. If not to pay attention and live your own life, it is easy to forget all the reasons. In one of popular series “Skins”, there was a girl who encountered the problem of cyber bullying. Maybe, the reason is just in being a bit another, not a part of a crowd? Jealousy is one of the strongest reasons. As it is known, the best defense is the attack. So, why not to become the first who beats cyber bullying?